Ash Wednesday- Filter Change Reminder?

February 18, 2015

Proud to share someone’s interesting analogy of how today, “Ash Wednesday” relates to a furnace filter reminder: “The heating and air conditioning system in our house has 12 inch by 12 inch filters that catch all the crud, preventing it from being sucked into the HVAC unit. I’ve learned that if I hope to keep a clean filter in place, I have to put the replacement of it as a reminder on my calendar. So,every month, my lap top and phone flash this automatic message at me: “Replace HVAC Filter.” I usually look at it and think, “Already?!” Sometimes I ignore it for a few days. But that reminder is important, because it pushes me to do something I really want to do: take good care of my HVAC unit. Haunted by the nudge of the electronic reminder message, I eventually get around to doing what any conscientious homeowner should do: I tell one of my kids to climb on a chair and replace the filters. It’s always surprising to look at those loathsome filters they retrieve from our ceiling. They are disgracefully loaded with gunk. Laden with dusty fuzz. Caked with crud. (You get the idea). It’s kind of...

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