GeoComfort Geothermal Systems LogoImproving the comfort in your home, does not have to come at the cost of the environment. Geothermal technology is a great heating and cooling option that helps protect the environment, and saves you money!

GeoComfort systems deliver the best in geothermal heating and cooling for every home existing or new construction, large or small. GeoComfort delivers unsurpassed comfort, energy savings and environmental benefit with systems so quiet and so inexpensive to operate and maintain, you’ll forget they are there.

Your own backyard has the potential to be an energy source for heating and cooling comfort. Outdoor air temperatures fluctuate throughout the year with the changing seasons. In contrast, ground temperatures about four to six feet below the Earth’s surface remain relatively moderate and constant all year. That’s because the Earth absorbs 47% of all the heat energy that reaches its surface from the sun. A geothermal system circulates a water-based solution through a buried loop system to take advantage of these constant temperatures. A single piece of equipment has the ability to heat and cool your home, while providing some or all of your home’s hot water as well.

Geothermal systems can save you 30% to 70% on your monthly utility bills!

How Geothermal Works