How to Save Energy and Cut Cooling Costs

April 25, 2013

Overview: Costs and savings Staying cool is expensive. In a hot climate like Texas, the average family spends about $600 a year on cooling. In the Midwest, it’s about $300. But costs vary a lot within regions and even within a single neighborhood. Your home may cost $700 to keep cool while a similar home next door costs half that. This article will help you make your home the low-cost energy leader on the block. Our focus is on cutting cooling costs, but many of these tips will save you money on your heating too. We include upfront costs and payback for each of our tips, but the actual figures depend on your individual house, region, climate, living habits and electric rates. Tip 1: Replace your old air conditioner Photo 1: Buy an efficient air conditioner 1 of 3 Photo 1: Buy an efficient air conditioner Paying higher upfront costs for the most efficient unit possible (SEER 14 or higher) makes sense in hot climates since the initial investment will be paid back in energy savings over time. It makes less sense in cooler climates. « Previous Photo Next Photo » Replacing a 10-year-old window or central AC unit with...

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