For reliable, energy-efficient heating and cooling, trust Hoff Heating & AC for heat pump repair in St. Charles, MO. When your current heat pump shows signs of age, we offer heat pump replacement with the latest models. For replacing AC and furnace pairs, and as an effective HVAC solution for new construction, our heat pump installation team will take good care of you. Over the years, our heat pump maintenance technicians have kept your system performing at peak efficiency.

Heat Pump Repair and Installation in St. Charles, MO

You’re covered for getting cool after a ride to the Bike Shop Cafe on the Katy Trail or warming up after visiting Christmas Traditions in St. Charles. Your new heat pump installation or heat pump replacement will make your home feel just right.

Experienced Heat Pump Repair in St. Charles

Have you heard abnormal sounds from your heat pump, or is it not keeping up with your heating or cooling needs? Our Hoff Heating & AC NATE-certified heating technicians arrive to help in a vehicle well-stocked with parts and equipment. That makes their diagnosis, heat pump repair quote, and efficient service as fast as possible, getting your family comfortable. We’re up to date with the latest systems, ready to service traditional heat pumps and the newer inverter-based variable speed models. We also help with mini-split heat pumps with refrigerant leak detection, reversing valves, starting electrical components, and more. Life is much easier with a heat pump system, and our expert repairs keep it that way.

Call for heat pump repair if you notice:
  • Unexplained energy usage increase
  • Sounds or smells from indoor or outdoor components
  • Difficulty reaching and maintaining set temperatures
  • Heat pump has trouble starting up

Expert Heat Pump Installation

Our heat pump replacement team can provide a suitable model for your home’s needs, heating and cooling your home. We design new construction systems and replace AC plus furnace pairs with a simple, efficient alternative. When creative solutions are required or ductwork must be avoided, we also offer ductless mini-split systems for year-round use. New inverter-based systems carefully track your home’s comfort needs and manage energy use closely to optimize efficiency. Our heat pump installations are designed for quiet comfort and long-lasting service. You can add air filtration, humidity management, and other features for even more significant benefits. Whatever your heat pump replacement choice, we’ll be here for you over the years for top-quality follow-up care.

Thorough Heat Pump Maintenance

Reliable Heat Pump Installation in St. Charles, MOPeriodic cleanup, inspection, and testing help keep your investment performing at peak efficiency. Our heat pump maintenance team can visit before the winter heating season and summer cooling to ensure your system is ready. We inspect and test the compressor, electrical controls, refrigerant, and air handling systems and carefully clean the heat exchange coil assemblies. When we’re done, your system will be ready to serve you well and save energy, and if there are any emerging repair needs, you’ll know so you can plan. Our heat pump maintenance technician will also be ready to discuss how your system is doing if it’s getting older, so you can arrange for heat pump replacement promptly.

Heat Pump Experts in St. Charles

We’re experts in heat transfer technologies for heating and cooling. At Hoff Heating & AC, we can help with new construction and provide a great comfort solution. We also replace AC and furnace pairs, or existing heat pumps, with the latest technology. We’re family-operated and have been for nearly forty years, with a BBB A+ rating and excellent online reviews. Our technicians are NATE-certified, the gold standard in the industry. We’re your best resource, from standard and inverter-based heat pump installations to mini-splits and in-ground systems.

Our specialty is heat pump repairs and installation in St. Charles at Hoff Heating & AC. Call today!

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