If you’re tired of compromises like window AC units, and central air with ductwork is not a good option for you, try a mini-split in St. Charles, MO, we think you’ll love it. At Hoff Heating & AC, we make a lot of people happy with ductless air conditioning.

Mini Splits in St. Charles, MO

It’s a great solution for home offices, nurseries, multi-unit properties, even whole homes. These systems scale to meet your needs. They’re highly efficient, and the distribution heads in each room are fed through the outside wall, blending in nicely with your decor in St. Charles.

Mini-Split Comfort in St. Charles

Mini-splits, a type of high-efficiency ductless air conditioning system, use an outdoor compressor unit much like central AC. They bring cooling to distribution heads in each room, which can be installed as floor, wall, or ceiling units. The connection to each location is a small, discreet hose running from the main system. Each main unit typically serves up to four rooms or spaces. Multiple units are used to scale cooling for an entire home or multi-unit property. These units have been in use around the world since the 1970s, but modern ductless air conditioning is both efficient and tech-enhanced.

Each room can have its own thermostat control, and special air filters, energy-saving motion sensor controls, smart thermostat upgrades, and other features are available. For homes that already have central air conditioning, mini-splits can serve as a replacement for tired systems, or a separate cooling resource for home offices. Using these systems can provide energy savings much like a zoned duct system, so you don’t have to adjust the main thermostat to keep a single room cool.

Mini-Split Comfort in St. Charles

How can you use a mini-split system in your home? So many ways:
  • Replace awkward window or portable AC units
  • Add cooling for additions and in-law apartments
  • An energy-saving alternative to zoned ducting
  • Separate air circulation and filtering for individual rooms

Your Ductless Air Conditioning Experts

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