Are you looking for quality mini-splits in Defiance, MO? At Hoff Heating & AC, we’ve been providing the community of Defiance, with AC services since 1983. Ductless air conditioning is an ideal option for older homes, small homes, or the mother-in-law’s suite. Their versatility and option to zone certain rooms make them energy efficient.

Mini Splits in Defiance, MO

At Hoff Heating & AC, we’re your local Lennox Premier Dealer with the best mini-split systems you’ll find. You can count on us for a quality installation as well!

Professional Mini-Splits installation in Defiance

At Hoff Heating & AC, we provide the best mini-split systems for your home. Mini-splits offer better energy efficiency than your traditional HVAC system. The unit operates with a compressor outside of your home and individual units in each room or zone. Instead of pulling air into a central unit where it’s cooled and then funneled back into each room, a mini-split cools the air with refrigerated lines. The units in each room then distribute the air throughout. This technology means lower energy bills due to the fact that 20-40% of your cooled air gets lost in a traditional HVAC unit’s ducts. Ductless air conditioning units also give you the option of turning off the air in the guest bedroom that never gets used.

Professional Mini-Splits installation in Defiance

Why choose Hoff Heating & AC for all your ductless air conditioning needs:
  • We’re a BBB Accredited business
  • We’ve been in business since 1983
  • We’re a Lennox Premier Dealer
  • Family-owned and operated business
  • Financing Options

You don’t have to live in Defiance long to know that the summers are impossible to endure without a well-functioning AC unit. Luckily, at Hoff Heating & AC, we provide plenty of options for energy-efficient, long-lasting mini-split systems. We don’t stop there either, we do quality and professional installations to ensure that your mini-split system will last you for years to come.

Energy-Efficient Ductless Air Conditioning

At Hoff Heating & AC, our NATE-certified technicians are expertly trained to handle all of your heating and cooling installations and repairs. We’re dedicated to the highest level of customer service and provide a wide range of services covering all of your heating and cooling needs. At Hoff Heating & AC, we can quickly and effectively perform an energy analysis on your home with our state-of-the-art energy analysis program software.

We also offer mini split services in:

If you’re looking for a mini-split system in Defiance you can depend on, reach out to us at Hoff Heating & AC today! We also provide heating and cooling services in Defiance.