Are you looking for heat pump repair in Troy, MO? We’re Hoff Heating & AC, heat pump experts providing energy-efficient heating and cooling. We offer new heat pump installation including new construction, and replacement of your existing AC and furnace or older heat pump. Our technicians deliver thorough heat pump maintenance for the best performance and service life of your equipment.

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

When you’re dusty and hot after a visit to the Lincoln County Fair, or chilly from enjoying Night of 1000 Stars on Historic Main Street, a heat pump installation or replacement will ensure that your home is waiting to keep you comfortable in Troy.

Experienced Heat Pump Repair in Troy

Is your heat pump struggling, making odd sounds, or using more energy lately? Perhaps it’s time for a visit from our NATE-certified Hoff Heating & AC technicians, experts who make heat pump repairs simple. They arrive with test equipment, tools, and parts for most heat pump repairs, and provide you with a diagnosis and explanation of your options, a precise quote, and on approval, skilled maintenance. We have refrigerant leak sniffers, reversing valves, inverter system components, it’s usually a one-stop service situation. Owning a heat pump keeps being a homeowner simpler as well. We’re glad to keep yours in good shape, extending the time until a heat pump replacement is needed.

Call for heat pump care if you notice:
  • Unexplained energy usage increase
  • Sounds or smells from indoor or outdoor components
  • Difficulty reaching and maintaining set temperatures
  • Heat pump has trouble starting up

Expert Heat Pump Installation

What kind of heat pump installation do you need? We provide a variety of system types, including standard and inverter-based home units that exchange heat with the air and geo-based systems. Ductless mini-split heat pumps can give comfort just about anywhere. If your AC or furnace is nearing its end of service time, it’s a perfect opportunity to install a heat pump replacement. Inverter-based units are an excellent choice for heat pump replacement that increases your energy efficiency with precise tracking of your heating and cooling needs. Don’t forget any air quality updates you’d like, such as humidity management or advanced air filtration. Once your heat pump installation is up and running, we’ll be here as we have been for decades, ready to provide ongoing service in the years to come.

Thorough Heat Pump Maintenance

Reliable Heat Pump InstallationSometimes it’s hard to schedule heat pump maintenance, but when you think about the benefits, you’ll do it right away! Our HVAC technicians not only provide tune-up and clean-up services for reliability and efficiency, but we also perform testing and inspection that can save you time and trouble later. We’ll let you know if the air handling motors are wearing out or if it’s time for a new contractor for reliable starting, so you can tend to it now and avoid unplanned service calls. Heat pump maintenance is a twice-yearly update, removing dirt and debris and checking for wear to prepare for the season ahead. Our thorough inspection also helps you track when your system is getting to the point where a heat pump replacement might be wise.

Heat Pump Experts in Troy

Hoff Heating & AC is your heat pump technology resource with service for all makes, models, and types of systems. We’re great for new construction and efficiency updates for your current home. Family-operated for nearly four decades, we’re rated A+ by the BBB, and our online reviews are excellent. We employ NATE-certified technicians, the industry standard for excellence. Since 1983, we’ve been the HVAC company our community turns to for comfort and convenient service!

Is it time for heat pump repair, maintenance, or installation in Troy? Call Hoff Heating & AC today!

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