Are you looking for heat pump repair in St. Peters, MO? Hoff Heating & AC will quickly get your heating and cooling system out of trouble. We also provide new heat pump installation. We’re ready when your older unit has served you well, to replace AC and furnace pairs, and for new construction. For best efficiency and longest service life, our technicians offer heat pump maintenance.

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

It’s recommended twice a year to start the heating and cooling seasons right. You’re covered when the weather is hot and muggy at City Centre Park or chilly after a visit to Hidden Lake Lights. Your new installation or replacement will keep your home at just the right temperature for relaxation in St. Peters.

Experienced Heat Pump Repair in St. Peters

Is there anything on your mind about your heat pump’s performance or operation? Arriving with a well-stocked vehicle for quick repairs, our NATE-certified Hoff Heating & AC technicians are ready to help. They provide an accurate diagnosis, clear quote, and effective heat pump repair so you can get comfortable. We carry specialized equipment and parts to make effective repairs. These include refrigerant leak sniffers, reversing valves and inverter system components. A heat pump helps keep home ownership simpler with efficient operation and repairs. We address odd sounds, odors, heating and cooling performance issues, and other repair problems. Prompt repairs help extend the time until heat pump replacement is needed.

Call for heat pump repair and get your system running right if you notice:
  • Unexplained energy usage increase
  • Sounds or smells from indoor or outdoor components
  • Difficulty reaching and maintaining set temperatures
  • Heat pump has trouble starting up

Expert Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps use energy to transfer heat, not create it. Our heat pump installation team provides a variety of system types for heating and cooling your home. We can design and install systems for your new construction. Our HVAC technicians replace AC and furnace systems with a single, efficient comfort solution. Heat pump technology is also available in ductless mini-split systems, perfect for add-on comfort that serves your home office or multi-family home. New inverter technology provides variable-speed performance for additional energy savings. We carefully design your heat pump installation for long-lasting enjoyment and offer a variety of enhancements for excellent indoor air and humidity management. Once your heat pump installation is complete, you can also look forward to years of top-quality service from our team!

Thorough Heat Pump Maintenance

Reliable Heat Pump InstallationHeat pump maintenance restores your hard-working system to peak efficiency. Our technicians provide a thorough tune-up, including careful coil cleaning, that’s essential for outstanding performance. We inspect and test the system’s components to ensure the compressor, refrigerant, electrical, and air handling systems are all in excellent shape. Heat pump maintenance before the summer and winter seasons allow us to identify service needs. This helps you plan your repairs as much as possible. If your heat pump is getting older, our maintenance technician can help you plan an even more efficient replacement.

Heat Pump Experts in St. Peters

At Hoff Heating & AC, we’re experts in various heat pump technologies. We service all makes and models. Our technicians install new units for construction or to provide more efficient heating and cooling for your home. We’re family-operated, with a BBB A+ rating and excellent reviews. Our company employs NATE-certified technicians for excellence in the HVAC services we provide. These include all types of systems using heat pump technology, from mini-splits and AC replacement units to in-ground systems. We’ve been serving St. Peters since 1983 and look forward to helping your family!

For heat pump repair and service in St. Peters and information about this energy-saving technology, call Hoff Heating & AC today!

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