If you’re looking for reliable, expert heat pump repair in Lake St. Louis, MO, our Hoff Heating & AC technicians will take good care of you. Our team also provides new heat pump installation. We’re the company to call if you need HVAC for new construction, a heat pump replacement for your older unit or an update from your AC and furnace. We recommend visits twice a year from our heat pump maintenance specialists as well.

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

After a nice hot summer day at the Lake St. Louis Farmer’s Market or a chilly Halloween in the Park at Founders Park, with a heat pump installation, you know your home will be the right temperature for relaxation.

Experienced Heat Pump Repair in Lake St. Louis

It’s always helpful if you call us when you notice unusual sounds, odors, or leaks from your heat pump system. We can get on top of any problems promptly, and avoid further damage. Our NATE-certified Hoff Heating & AC technicians are the best, and they arrive with a fully-stocked vehicle so they can be quick and effective. After an accurate diagnosis, they’ll provide you with a precise quote and make heat pump repairs on your approval so your family will be comfortable. We know that your heat pump keeps home ownership more straightforward and accessible, and our repair team helps keep it that way. With quality service, systems last longer until heat pump replacement time.

Call for heat pump repair and get your system running right if you notice:
  • Unexplained energy usage increase
  • Sounds or smells from indoor or outdoor components
  • Difficulty reaching and maintaining set temperatures
  • Heat pump has trouble starting up

Expert Heat Pump Installation

Where would a heat pump help you? We supply them for new construction, to replace furnaces and AC by consolidating, and as a heat pump replacement for an older unit. Did you know that heat pump technology is available in ductless mini-split systems for versatile HVAC designs? They’re perfect for home offices, additions, and multi-family buildings. Inverter-based or variable-speed heat pumps offer a new technology that more closely tracks your heating and cooling needs, saving additional energy. Along with a new heat pump installation, ask about ways we can improve your home’s air, including humidity management and advanced filtration. Once you’re enjoying convenient comfort, we’ll be around as we have been for decades, providing outstanding follow-up care.

Thorough Heat Pump Maintenance

Reliable Heat Pump InstallationAfter a hardworking heating or cooling season, heat pump maintenance is a great way to reward and encourage your system. It gets a careful cleanup of the heat transfer coils for efficiency, a check of components for wear and signs of trouble, refrigerant, compressor bills, and much more. As we inspect and test during heat pump maintenance, we note any repairs that may be needed soon. With that information, you can avoid surprises later on. For aging heat pumps, our maintenance summary can help you determine when the right time is for heat pump replacement with a more reliable and efficient new heat pump replacement.

Heat Pump Experts in Lake St. Louis

Your friends and neighbors at Hoff Heating & AC are experts in many heat pump technologies. We service all makes and models, including mini-splits and geo-based systems. Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians, the industry’s best, install new heat pumps for construction and replace existing units or AC and furnace combinations in your home. We’re family-operated and have a BBB A+ rating and excellent online reviews. Customers in Lake St. Louis and our local service area have enjoyed our excellence since 1983. We’ll be glad to serve you as well.

Take action for heat pump repair in Lake St. Louis when needed, and contact Hoff Heating & AC for all your heat pump needs!

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