If your heat pump is losing efficiency or unreliable, now’s the time for heat pump repair in Wentzville, MO, from Hoff Heating & AC. We work on all makes, models, and equipment types. Our heat pump installation team provides new systems for new construction, and heat pump replacements for aging units and AC plus furnace combinations.

Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Heat pump maintenance from our NATE-certified HVAC technicians twice a year keeps your comfort and efficiency at their peak. You’re assured year-round comfort with a heat pump replacement or heat pump installation in Wentzville.

Experienced Heat Pump Repair in Wentzville

Are you concerned that your heat pump isn’t performing up to par, or aren’t strange noises lately? Our NATE-certified Hoff Heating & AC technicians are ready to help, with a vehicle well-stocked with parts and equipment for on-the-spot service. An accurate diagnosis, discussion of the options, and transparent quote for approval lead to an effective heat pump repair so you can relax and get comfortable. We’re ready to do the job if you have an older heat pump or a newer inverter-based model. From leaks and reversing valve problems to the all-important contactor that starts operation, we’ll take care of the problem. Keewe’llnyour pump in good repair helps extend its service life until heat pump replacement time.

Call for heat pump repair if you notice any of these signs:
  • Unexplained energy usage increase
  • Sounds or smells from indoor or outdoor components
  • Difficulty reaching and maintaining set temperatures
  • Heat pump has trouble starting up

Expert Heat Pump Installation

Count on our heat pump installation team to do more than place it and make connections. We ensure that your system is ready for the long run in new construction or as a replacement for existing HVAC equipment. Imagine swapping your AC and furnace equipment for a simple, easy-to-maintain heat pump solution. The technology is also available in flexible ductless mini-split systems for single or multi-room independent comfort. Inverter technology varies the speed and energy used to match your requirements, saving even more power closely. When we design your heat pump installation, ask about air quality enhancements, such as humidity management and advanced filtration. As you enjoy the system for years to come, we’ll also be here to provide ongoing repair.

Thorough Heat Pump Maintenance

Reliable Heat Pump InstallationYour heat pump works hard to provide heat and cool and is also exposed to the weather, so heat pump maintenance is critical to the reliability and performance care. We recommend twice-a-year care, including carefully cleaning the coils that transfer heat back and forth for maximum efficiency. We inspect and test compressor, refrigerant, and electrical components and make sure the air handling system is ready for continued service. When we check your heat pump during heat pump maintenance, we also identify any developing repair needs. With this information, you can plan fixes at your convenience or consider heat pump replacement for efficiency and reliability.

Heat Pump Experts in St. Peters

Our heat pump technology experts at Hoff Heating & AC are ready to provide service for all makes, models, and types. We install units for new construction, replacements, and upgrades for your current home. We’re a family-oriented company with a BBB A+ rating and excellent reviews online. Our NATE-certified technicians achieve excellence daily on all heat pump systems, including mini-splits and geo-based installations. We have continued to serve Wentzville since 1983 and look forward to serving you!

Does your home need heat pump repair, or do you want heat pump technology options in Wentzville? Call Hoff Heating & AC today!

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