Benefits of New Ductwork Installation

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Is it time to replace the ductwork system in your home? Air ducts tend to be easily forgotten by homeowners when caring for the HVAC units. Ductwork is a significant component of a HVAC system because without the air ducts, the HVAC unit would be incapable of transferring conditioned air from one room to another within your home.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Home’s Ductwork

Air ducts are often forgotten because of their hidden placement, which may result into many problems for your HVAC system. How will you know when to replace your air ducts instead of repairing them? Keep reading for signs that you need to replace the ductwork in your home.

Air Ducts Are More Than 10 Years Old

With proper care, air ducts can last for more than 10 years just like HVAC units. However, as more time passes, the air ducts become more susceptible to damage, especially the seals and joints. If the ductwork in your home is more than 10 years old, then it is likely experiencing deterioration and will need replacing sooner than later.

Poor Air Flow in Your Home

Poor airflow in your home may be a result of clogged, damaged, or filthy ductwork. This compromises the quality of air in your home and also results in high energy bills. If you have noticed poor airflow accompanied by high energy bills, you should call a licensed technician to do an inspection as soon as possible.

Insufficient Cooling System

If you notice your HVAC system poorly cooling your home, it could be due to the filters. Clogged air filters restrict the cooling performance of HVAC systems because air can’t pass like it normally would, ultimately affecting how the ductwork transports air. This would warrant a professional inspection from a technician as well as filter replacement.

Presence of Mold in the Air Ducts

If mold exists in your air ducts, call a technician immediately. Mold is dangerous to your health and can trigger allergies and respiratory conditions. Every time the HVAC kicks on, the mold spores will spread throughout the house and compromise the quality of the air within your home. This is not something you can fix yourself. The problem will require professional cleaning and repair to truly rid the ducts of mold.

The Benefits of New Ductwork

Clean Air

As we mentioned earlier, damaged or clogged air ducts can allow contaminants like mold and dust to infiltrate your indoor air and compromise the air quality. The surfaces of old damaged air ducts accumulate grime, dirt, mold, dust, and may harbor pests. This is because the air ducts run through closed-in areas within your house, such as in the crawl spaces, between the walls, and through the ceilings.

A broken or cracked air duct can allow many harmful and toxic contaminants into your home’s air circulation. When air passes through the old air ducts, the air circulating throughout your home will be concentrated with a variety of contaminants. Installing new ductwork allows you to enjoy clean pure air within your home. Newly installed air ducts will also prevent your home’s HVAC system from spreading wood particles or insulation particles into your home.

Noise Reduction

Old air ducts tend to bend or sag over time. As a result, the air passing through the bent or sagged air ducts produces a lot of noise, which could be troublesome to residents within a home. Installing new ductwork gets rid of the noise and creates a peaceful environment with clean healthy air.

If your commercial building has old noisy ductwork, you need to have them replaced immediately by HVAC professionals. Professional installation of the ductwork ensures proper installation and performance and reduces the likelihood of the conduits sagging in future.

Improved HVAC Efficiency

Faulty, old air ducts will perform poorly when circulating air throughout the house, causing the HVAC system to strain or overwork itself. This may lead to increased energy bills and a deteriorating HVAC system that will require frequent repairs. On top of that, an aging ductwork system may have holes, cracks, or gaps that may leak huge amounts of air from your home. Newly installed ductwork will circulate clean air efficiently throughout your house thereby increasing the efficiency of the HVAC unit.

Additionally, if you use a new HVAC unit with old air ducts, the HVAC equipment may end up creating excessive noise and consuming more electricity. If you install a new ductwork system in your home, you will conserve more energy, minimize the noise produced in the air ducts, and improve the quality of air in your home.

Save More on Energy

As we mentioned above, new ductwork will help you save money on energy bills. But how exactly does ductwork affect energy in your home? When the air ducts sustain substantial damage from wear and tear, they have a significant effect on energy efficiency.

The air ducts develop air leaks that lead to a drop in the air pressure within the ducts. The drop in air pressure causes the heating and cooling system of your home to work harder than it was designed to, which causes the HVAC system to consume more electricity. This in turn leads to high energy bills. If you want to prevent this excessive loss of energy in your home, we recommend installing a new ductwork system.

Improved Comfort in Your Home

Damaged air ducts will reduce the airflow in your home and cause temperature changes that will lower the level of heating and cooling in the building. Additionally, poorly functioning air ducts lead to changes in humidity in the ductwork, which ultimately changes the humidity levels in your home, creating a very uncomfortable atmosphere in your space.

Installing a new ductwork system allows you to keep the comfort levels stable by maintaining the appropriate humidity, temperature, and air pressure levels in your home. An efficient ductwork system also upgrades the performance of your heating and cooling unit, allowing you to benefit the most from the installation.

Watch for any warning signs that indicate that you may need to have new ductwork installed in your residential or commercial building. As soon as you notice any odd odors, restricted air flow in the ducts, rumbling or rattling sounds, and overly high energy bills, get in touch with HVAC professionals.

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