Don’t Panic When Your Furnace Won’t Shut Down

If your furnace or heating system won’t shut down, you shouldn’t worry. You just need to set up a service call with your local heating company. In the meantime, there are ways to shut down the unit to avoid any further damage to your system.

Why Won’t My System Turn Off?

When your system is constantly running, this is a sign that something is wrong. There are several causes for this issue. One of the most common issues is the thermostat. The wiring, switches, or heating sensors can fail on your unit. If this is the case, then you’ll need to replace the thermostat with a newer model. A damaged primary controller can also cause the furnace to stay turned on. This is the main heating element of the system. If it stops functioning, then the furnace can’t regulate temperature. Your system may have another mechanical issue as well. A boiler system uses a check valve to warm your home through heated water sent through radiators. A properly functioning valve will circulate the water throughout the system. A faulty check valve could be the cause of this type of heating system to fail. If your heating system will not shut down, then you need to call a professional technician for help.

Turn Off Your Heating System Manually

You’ll need to shut off your heating system to prevent any additional damage. You can start with the thermostat on your system. Some people try to raise the temperature of the thermostat. Many thermostats have a separate switch for cooled or heated air. You may be able to turn off the heat for your unit. If that doesn’t work, then you might want to shut off the power. The power switch for the furnace is usually located near the unit. When you have properly powered down the system, you should call a professional heating repair company for a visit.

If your system still won’t shut off, you’ll need a professional to inspect the system as quickly as possible. Our trained technicians will find the source of the problem and get it fixed. We can repair these issues at your home in O’Fallon, so give Hoff Heating & AC a call today.