9 Tips to Extend the Life Expectancy of your Furnace

Furnace Maintenance in O'Fallon, MO

Your furnace is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home. It keeps you warm all winter long, and if it breaks down, you’re in for a cold winter. That’s why it’s important to take care of your furnace and make sure that it lasts as long as possible. Here are nine tips to help you do just that.

1. Change the Filter

Filters should be changed every month or so for maximum efficiency. Changing filters can help keep dust particles out, which will help with air quality and prevent wear on the motor and other internal components. However, a few key factors determine how often you should change your filters.

The first consideration is size. The size of a filter impacts how often it should be replaced. For example, if you have a 4-inch filter, you may go six months without changing it. If you have a 1-inch filter though, you should change it at least once every month or two.

The type of filter also makes a difference. This includes standard fiberglass, pleated, HEPA, or electrostatic. Depending on what type of filter you have, check the manufacturer’s instructions for changing it.

Another factor to consider is the presence of furry animals in the house. If you have pets, especially cats and dogs, you should check and change your filters at least once a month. Remember, these animals tend to shed all year-round, and their coats will clog up the filter.

The fourth factor to consider is your home environment. If your home is in an area where the air quality is poor because of a lot of car exhaust or smoke from factories, you should check and change filters more often. This is because the pollutants in the air can also clog up your filter.

Finally, consider how much you use your furnace. If it’s only used during the winter months for eight hours a day, then you should change your filter less often than if you use it 24/7.

2. Get Seasonal Maintenance Done

It’s important that you have your furnace serviced at least once per year by a professional. This will help identify potential problems and fix any issues before they get worse and end up costing you more money in the long run. It also ensures that your system stays properly tuned and running efficiently for many years into the future.

The technician will lubricate the moving parts during the scheduled maintenance. This is important to ensure that the furnace runs smoothly. If the parts aren’t lubricated, they wear out more quickly or even break down completely.

Secondly, the technician will inspect the heat exchanger, blower fan, and combustion chamber. These parts ensure that your furnace runs as efficiently as possible. If they aren’t working properly, then you not only lose some of the heat, but it can also permanently damage your furnace.

The technician will also tighten loose or rattling components and clean the combustion chamber. Loose furnace parts might cause harm to other moving elements while a dirty combustion chamber could impede your furnace’s function. It may even create a fire hazard.

Finally, they’ll check your flue, which is the metal chimney that exhausts air out of your home. A carbon monoxide leak could be deadly to you and your family, so this is an important step to keep everyone safe.

3. Clean the Outside of the Furnace

You should clean the outside of your furnace at least once per year. It’s an easy job that you can do on your own by using a soft brush or broom to get rid of dirt, cobwebs, or debris. This will improve your furnace’s airflow and help it run more efficiently.

4. Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great way to ensure that your furnace only runs when you need it. If you don’t keep your home at the right temperature, your furnace will run more often and use more energy than necessary, which can add up both cost and wear and tear over time. A smart thermostat can be programmed to adjust the temperature when you’re out of the house or asleep so that it saves energy and money over time.

They also allow you to control your furnace’s temperature with your phone or tablet. If you forget to lower the temperature before leaving for work, or if you want to turn it up before heading home, a smart thermostat lets you do that remotely through an app, so there are no excuses for leaving your heating on full-blast while you’re away.

5. Clean the Vents

Cleaning your furnace’s vent can do wonders for its performance. Not only does it ensure that all of the heated air moves out, but it also helps remove any debris that could block airflow and cause damage to other components. A professional can help clean your vent safely without causing any damage.

6. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs

If your furnace gives you warning signs, don’t ignore them. Ignoring small problems can often exacerbate them until the problem becomes much bigger and more expensive to repair or replace.

If you notice a strange smell or hear strange noises coming from your furnace, then it’s time to give Hoff Heating & AC a call. It might be a minor issue that can be easily fixed. Remember, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Rather, it could cause more damage if left unchecked.

7. Never Postpone Repairs

When something goes wrong with your furnace, it’s always best to get the repairs done as soon as possible. If you continue to use the furnace when it’s broken, then you run the risk of causing permanent damage that is much more costly to fix. Plus, if your furnace isn’t working properly, then it’s not going to be able to heat your home as efficiently.

8. Seal Air Leaks

One of the easiest ways to use less energy is to ensure that your home is sealed properly. If you have any leaks in your windows or doors, then you’ll lose heated air throughout the winter, making your furnace work harder while raising your energy bill.

You can get this fixed by a professional or do it yourself. Either way, it’s an easy but very effective way to save money on your heating bills while keeping the heat in.

9. Only Work with Licensed and Experienced Professionals

Remember that when it comes to your furnace you should never skimp on quality. You want the best for your home, so stick with a company that is licensed and bonded. Experienced technicians are also an important aspect of maintaining your furnace properly. These professionals have the knowledge and skills needed to keep your heating system running smoothly throughout the winter months.

When you work with Hoff Heating & AC, you can rest easy knowing that your furnace is in good hands. We have a wealth of experience with heating and cooling systems and only use high-quality parts from trusted brands like Lennox so that your furnace is always running safely and economically. We also offer A/C and furnace installation, repair and maintenance, air purification and installation as well as humidity control solutions in O’Fallon, MO, and surrounding areas. We look forward to helping you with all your HVAC needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.