4 Ways to Reset Your Air Conditioning System

An air conditioning system is critical for productivity, safety, and comfort. One of the most frustrating experiences is when it fails to start during O’Fallon’s sweltering, muggy summer weather. There are many reasons the AC may not work, such as faulty equipment. However, sometimes you can solve the problem with a restart. In this article, we will outline how to reset your system and why it may be essential.

1. Use the Reset Button

Your AC may fail to start if the compressor does not engage the electrical system. Such faults are common in digital appliances, which are prone to electrical discharges. Using the reset button could solve the problem after an outage or a sudden disconnection.

Before you reset your system, ensure there is an adequate supply of power. You can determine if there is electrical energy by switching on other appliances. Once you’ve established there is power, you can restart your AC using the reset button.

Some air conditioning systems have a reset switch, which is a small, red button. Typically, the button will be on the outdoor unit. If you have a problem locating it on the outdoor unit, you may find relevant details on the equipment’s manufacturer’s manual.

Press the red button for three seconds and release. You will hear three beeps before the system restarts. If the solution does not work, you may try other solutions.

2. Resetting From the Isolator Switch

Your air conditioner may have an isolator switch that sits between your equipment and the main electrical supply. The purpose of isolating your AC from the electrical system is to enhance safety during maintenance and repairs. Switching it off and on may successfully restart your AC.

An isolator differs from a circuit breaker in that the latter disconnects the electrical supply when there’s an overcurrent. The location of an isolator is often near the outdoor unit rather than the switch box. It is not a requirement, but it boosts safety and protects your air conditioning unit from electrical discharges.

You can reset the system by locating the isolator switch often on the outdoor unit. It is typically a lever on a V-shaped socket near the condenser. However, older models may look different, more like the conventional switches you have at home.

Other appliances such as split systems will usually have the switch near the front cover of the indoor air handler. If you can’t find it, you may consult the manufacturer’s manual to get a better idea of its location.

Once you locate the isolator, you may turn it off and wait for 30 minutes. The time allows for the appliance to dispel electrostatic charge. After half an hour, you can turn the lever your AC should restart without a problem.

Once your AC is on, test it to determine if it’s working. You can call Hoff Heating & AC‘s repair team in O’Fallon for assistance. You may also want to try the other solutions to establish whether your cooling system requires servicing.

3. Reset Your Circuit Breaker

If you can’t reset your air conditioning unit through the isolation or reset buttons, you can try the circuit breaker. The breaker is usually in your laundry, the side of the house, or the basement. In some homes, it will be in a closet or even the crawlspaces.

The breaker box typically has one big switch and multiple switches for separate circuits in your home. Most breakers will have a label indicating the specific connection. Locate the one labeled “AC” and switch it off.

An outage or electrical surge can cause the breaker to switch off. If there is no label, find the switch in the neutral position and turn it on. You can now restart your AC to test if it is working.

You should avoid repeatedly switching on and off the circuit breaker if the system does not restart. If you suspect there is a problem with the air conditioner, it is safer to consult a certified professional. Trying to troubleshoot some faults can cause electrocution or damage to parts of your home. Hoff Heating & AC ‘s technicians in O’Fallon can offer prompt and dependable repair services.

4. Reset Your AC From the Thermostat

If the above steps don’t work, the next possible course of action is to reset the thermostat. The thermostat signals your air conditioner to cool the air depending on the temperature readings. If it is defective, your equipment may not work at all.

You can replace the batteries on your device before restarting the system. Sometimes removing the batteries is also necessary for discharging the electronic components in the air conditioner. If you have a faulty thermostat, consult a certified technician for a replacement.

The process of resetting the thermostat depends on the model. Most modern devices are programmable, and you can restart them by pressing the reset button for five seconds. Usually, the button will be on the face or under the thermostat’s cover.

What If My AC Won’t Start?

If you still can’t start your AC, the most probable conclusion is that there could be a malfunction. Malfunctions can range from easy-to-fix problems like a clogged filter to more technical issues such as refrigerant leaks. At Hoff Heating & AC, we recommend our O’Fallon customers schedule repair services as soon as they detect faults.

Just like a filter can clog with debris, so can other parts of your air conditioning system. For example, your AC may fail to start if the condensate drain clogs. By addressing the malfunction on time, you will be preventing microbial growth, which can pose health problems. Also, it protects your equipment from algae and mold spore damage.

Perhaps your air conditioning system is already infested with microbial growth on critical components such as the evaporator coils. Debris buildup prevents the system from efficiently absorbing heat from the warm indoor air. Additionally, debris on the sensitive copper tubes can cause corrosion, leading to refrigerant leaks.

You should call a certified technician if wires are hanging out of your air conditioner. Wiring faults can trigger electrical arcs that could be a fire hazard in your home. There could be a wiring issue if the unit is producing rattling sounds when you start it.

Some of the signs that your air conditioner needs repairs include:

• Unpleasant odors from the equipment
• Grinding and squealing noises
• Warm air from the vents
• A sudden spike in your electrical bill

The best way to prevent a breakdown is to schedule routine maintenance for your air conditioning system. A licensed professional will refill the refrigerant and ensure the critical components are working. That includes lubricating and testing the motor, calibrating the thermostat as well as cleaning the condenser coils. After the tune-up, your air conditioning unit will be running efficiently for the rest of the year.

To optimize your O’Fallon’s home comfort, Hoff Heating & AC recommends scheduling for a tune-up at least once a year. As a Lennox Premier Dealer, you can expect our team to use quality parts and deliver exceptional results. We have a NATE-certified staff that has the requisite experience to perform a wide range of tasks. We can repair, install, and maintain heating and cooling equipment, including geothermal systems. Our team has been a recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. Talk to our friendly helpdesk in O’Fallon for more information on our offers.