Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

Energy Efficiency

The phrase “energy efficiency” gets tossed around so often these days that it almost sounds like just another buzz phrase or cliché. The importance of energy efficiency, however, is very real. It offers several benefits, and it has far-reaching effects. If you do not believe that your household and you are maximizing your energy-efficiency potential in O’Fallon, MO, remember that professionals like Hoff Heating & AC can help. Here are some reasons why energy efficiency is important:

Save Money

Efficiency is defined as the ability to maximize output without wasting resources. If you earn a dollar but it took you two dollars to do so, the process probably was not efficient. On top of that, you are going to go out of business eventually.

In terms of an HVAC system, it is efficient when it operates as close to 100% as possible and it simultaneously produces 100% output. You may have already been in a situation where you kept lowering the thermostat but the air did not feel as cool as you hoped. That issue could have been a result of several factors. More importantly, it shows that it was not running efficiently. By lowering the thermostat to achieve the desired result, you spend more on your energy bills.

An efficient HVAC system saves you money. That is the point of efficiency. Homes today are built with that in mind. Windows are double- and triple-paned, appliances are certified, and even the landscaping is designed to require the least amount of water possible. The less amount of resources you use to cook, clean, and be comfortable indoors, the more money you save. In your world, therefore, you can put that saved money toward other things you really need.

Load Management

The population of the United States is growing. More people means that more resources are needed and used, including infrastructure resources. Today, roads require more maintenance, communities need more public transportation, and there is more demand for electricity. Professionals who work in the government and infrastructure sectors saw this coming. That is one of the factors that caused the energy-efficiency field to boom.

Installing big-ticket appliances in a home is about saving homeowners and renters money. It is also about load management. The electric grid and the country’s infrastructure can only handle so much stress. So, there is an effort to manage it before other solutions are found. The last thing anyone wants is to create a crash that leaves millions without power.

This country’s infrastructure can only handle so much at any given point. It is similar to a server. When a website that streams videos such as television shows and movies offers to stream one that is popular for free, it has to be ready for the incoming traffic. Websites crash when they do not forecast potential traffic correctly. Basically, they did not procure the additional server space needed to spread out the new viewers across platforms. That is bad planning on their part.

In terms of energy resources, if agencies and companies miscalculate energy demand, it can easily lead to rolling blackouts, among other things. Until the US can upgrade its energy infrastructure, load management is the next best thing. You can insulate yourself from potential fallouts by lowering your household’s energy demand. In other words, you will be less impacted by anything that goes wrong on a really hot summer day because everyone has the cooling system on. The same goes for a particularly cold night when many households are using their heating system.

Help the Environment

Several studies have been conducted on the effects of energy use on the environment. When you manage your energy use and still remain comfortable in your home, you are helping the environment. In 2016, it was estimated that households contributed 19% to the total greenhouse emissions. It seems like a small amount, but given that the number of households is still increasing, that percentage can easily go up.

The good news is that you do not have to make drastic lifestyle changes in order to reduce your household’s carbon footprint. Professionals can install a smart thermostat, for example. Then, you can ensure that your home’s HVAC system receives regular maintenance. If it does not have to over-work, it saves you money and helps the environment. It is a win-win situation.

Improve Air Quality

An HVAC system can only be deemed energy efficient if it is doing its job as close to 100% as possible. This means that it is cooling, heating, and ventilating without any difficulties. There are no clogs, leaks, or failing parts. The system is not blowing dust and other allergens into rooms through the vents, either.

Since the indoor quality is stellar, you can remain comfortable while inside. Additionally, this improves your quality of life, too. It is one thing to go outside and catch a whiff of someone’s cigarette smoke or the poor outdoor air quality that day. It is another to live in those same conditions while you are inside.

Your efficient HVAC system also helps manage indoor humidity. When it is operating well, the inside of your home is drier. Therefore, there is less opportunity for mold to develop. Other allergens do not stand a chance, either. Those who suffer from allergies are less likely to be impacted. If you suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues, your HVAC system is one line of defense against your triggers.

Return on Investment

The most energy-efficient HVAC systems are still an investment. Like with computers, though, as technology continues to evolve and improve, they will become cheaper down the road. Until then, it is a good idea to view an HVAC unit as an investment. Because it is efficient, you can count on a healthy return on that investment over its lifespan.

Having second thoughts about putting down a hefty amount upfront for an HVAC unit is normal. This is why professionals like us are willing to offer financing on the brands we install and maintain. Energy efficiency delivers dividends. Sometimes, some upgrades and appliances qualify for credits. Others simply operate so well that maintenance is less labor-intensive. If you do not have to replace it within 15 years, you at least break even on the costs.

When a heating and cooling system is cheaper and less efficient, it requires maintenance more often. If you are not convinced, you can always do the math. You can also call in the professionals like us to walk you through your options. Our job is to ensure that you are well-informed. We also want you to have peace of mind and be comfortable with your choice. We have been doing this for several years, and we are up to date on the latest industry trends.

To receive more information about the importance of energy efficiency, contact us at Hoff Heating & AC today. We maintain, install, and repair heating and cooling systems. Our other services include water heaters, fireplace inspections, and specialty solutions.