Top Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air

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It can be frustrating when your furnace is blowing only cold air in winter. Several factors may force your heating system to generate insufficient heat. Here are some tips for troubleshooting your furnace.

Problems With the Thermostat

If your furnace is blowing cold air, the problem could be incorrect thermostat configurations. So start by checking the settings on your thermostat. Ensure it is on “AUTO” mode and not “ON.”

Some systems can run efficiently on the “ON” mode. But for most conventional furnaces, it will only make the furnace run continuously. Your furnace will heat your home insufficiently, and critical components will deteriorate faster.

You may have a defective or incompatible thermostat. As the center of heating regulation, an incompatible device may not work correctly with your HVAC system controls. But before getting a new thermostat, change the batteries on the device.

Also, consider the placement of your thermostat. When the device is in direct sunlight, the heat modifies the temperature readings. Since the device assumes that the room is warm enough, the furnace will produce air that feels cold.

Air Leaks in the Ductwork or Around the Building

Your furnace may fail to heat your home because of air leaks around the building’s envelope. You may want to examine your ductwork for holes and cracks. Leakages on the return side of the air ducts will allow warm air to escape before it can heat the room.

Another problem could be that your air ducts have substandard or inadequate insulation. In some homes, the ductwork runs into cold spaces such as crawlspaces and the attic. Because of conduction, the cold atmosphere will impact the warm air going through the return ducts. By the time it gets into the room, you experience it as cold air.

You can solve the issue by sealing the ductwork. According to studies, faulty air ducts can waste up to 40% of your heating system’s output. Air leaks can also compromise your home’s indoor air quality. If you suspect that there are contaminants in your O’Fallon home, contact Hoff Heating & AC for top-notch indoor air quality solutions.

Airflow Restrictions and Overheating

Another reason your furnace is blowing cold air could be blockages in the vents and ductwork. Clogging in the air filter may also prevent your heating system from moving air into the building. You may want to create a monthly schedule to clean or replace the filter.

When your heating system is not moving air efficiently into your home, it can cause overheating. The buildup of heat can damage the heat exchanger, causing cracks that introduce toxins into the house.

Your system may have a defective blower fan, which does not facilitate the efficient movement of air through the building. You can prevent such issues by sticking to the annual maintenance schedule.

Blocked Condensate Line

Your heating system could also have a blocked condensate line. An overflow of water can trigger a shutdown mechanism, which could be why the furnace is not heating. You can check the condensate line and tray and unclog it to prevent further problems.

Condensing furnaces can generate significant amounts of moisture. They have a two-stage heat exchanger that draws heat from exhaust gases. After clearing the condensate tray, you may restart your system.

If your system doesn’t start, consider calling an HVAC systems service. The sooner you address the issue, the higher the chances of stopping damage to other components in your system.

Problems With the Blower Compartment

Your furnace may not heat because of issues in the blower compartment. Some systems will not start running until the compartment’s door is closed. Also, the door’s switch may be faulty and may require a replacement.

Additionally, if the fan belt is loose, the fan may keep running. However, the blower motor will not move. As a result, it will blow cold air into the room. Replacing the fan belt can fix the problem.

However, you must be careful not to injure yourself when handling the blower compartment. The fan in some systems will continue running even when the compartment’s door is open.

Faulty Limit Switch and Flame Sensors

Another reason that your furnace is blowing cold air could be a faulty furnace limit switch. The purpose of the limit switch is to signal the blower when to start and stop. It stops the system from pushing air into the house until there is sufficient heat from the furnace.

The limit switch also prevents your furnace from overheating. When it is faulty, temperatures can get too high, and the heat exchanger may crack. To avoid further complications, a certified technician should fix a defective switch.

The flame sensor or thermocouple in a gas furnace could be the other reason your furnace is blowing cold air. Dirt and debris on the sensor can cause the pilot light to keep going out. The thermocouple could also be out of position.

The flame sensor is a safety mechanism that prevents gas from leaking out. When it is faulty, it could pose a hazard in your home. If your pilot light is burning with a discolored or weak flame, call a certified technician for an inspection.

A Defective Computer Control Board

If your furnace generates inconsistent indoor temperatures, the issue could be the computer control board, which signals different components to coordinate your heating system’s operation. When the control board is faulty, you may notice red LED lights blinking. Your furnace will also operate erratically. For example, the blower may turn on and off intermittently.

Your control board could have loose wiring or a burned-out fuse. Troubleshooting the control board will require a technician with the requisite technical training and experience. Contact Hoff Heating & AC NATE-certified heating repair team in O’Fallon.

Your Furnace Is Gradually Becoming Inefficient

When your furnace is not heating your home efficiently, it could be approaching the end of its life. Typically, furnaces have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.

If your furnace is close to the end of its life, it will run continuously, trying to keep up with the demands of your home. You will also have to deal with multiple repairs since critical components experience intense stress during operation.

Scheduling annual maintenance is the best way to ensure that your home remains warm and comfy throughout winter. You can perform some tasks such as clearing the condensate line or changing the filter every month.

A professional can clean coils and other intricate components of your heating system without compromising your safety. During a tune-up, a technician can spot issues at their earliest stages before they evolve into expensive repairs. Fall is the ideal time to plan for a tune-up so that your furnace is ready for the cold season.

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