Setting Your Thermostat When You Go on Vacation

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When you’re out of the house for an extended period of time, the topic of your home’s temperature must come into play. There are several possible pitfalls that could happen while you’re away having fun in the sun. However, allowing your home to stay at a proper temperature could save you a big headache when you return.

The question is how cool should your home be while you’re lounging on the beach? There are several things you will have to consider when making your decision. So before you hit the airport, make a mental checklist of the things you want to protect in your home while you’re out on vacation.

Why Cool Your Home

Most people would agree that they want to save money while they are away on vacation, and some think that leaving their air conditioner off is their best option. Unfortunately, there are a few things that could go wrong with that scenario. While heat builds up in your home, there are many things at play.

Speaking of money, imagine how much energy you would need to use if you leave your home for an extended period of time without the AC. Your house will sit for days collecting heat with no relief. Then, when you return home, your AC will have to work extremely hard to return the house to a comfortable temperature. Keeping your air conditioner steadily regulating the temperature over time is a much better plan.

The prevention of damage to your property is a huge reason to keep your home cool this summer. When your house becomes denied of cooling, that’s when humidity begins to happen. Your furniture is at risk when your home collects humidity. Smelly couches, worn posters, and slick surfaces are a headache to deal with when you get home.

If you have wood floors, they are also vulnerable to long periods of moisture. They could become warped and accumulate cracks and bubbles if you do not take steps to keep your home climate controlled. Keeping your home free of humidity while you’re away could help prevent the potential replacement of many essential parts of your house.

The damp environment caused by the lack of circulation will also become a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Dust mites and cockroaches also cling to humid areas. The last thing you want is to come back from your fun vacation only to find mold growing in your home.

There are a lot of health complications that could come from an environment like this. For example, those with respiratory issues could have a hard time coming back home and breathing in this air. Hoff Heating & AC is happy to assist you in dehumidifying your home this summer to eliminate this issue and others.

The Recommended Temperature

The idea is to have your air conditioner running for a few hours a day to regulate the temperature. That way, you save on money by keeping it just cool enough, and you prevent any humidity issues. But, of course, the actual temperature you should set varies based on the weather at the time of your vacation.

The first step in preparing your home for the next few days or weeks is knowing the temperature of your city the dates that you will be away. Setting your air conditioner to cool your home to a few degrees below the average high should do the trick. Your home may become a little warm for your taste, but it will be fine for a how with no occupants.

Consider Your Pets

Although you may not be at home, you still want to consider any pets you have left behind. You may have someone coming by to check on them every day, but you still should keep your home tuned to a climate that they find comfortable.

A veterinarian will tell you the temperatures that your pet can live in with no issues. Depending on the animal you have, you may have more wiggle room to keep your temperatures higher than you would with others. A snake, for instance, could slither comfortably in higher temperatures than a dog could. Be sure to provide plenty of water for your pet, especially if you choose to go toward the higher end of your veterinarian recommended degree.

Take Your Plants Into Consideration

If you have one of the more exotic homes, you definitely want to take your plants into consideration this summer. The wrong climate could wilt and severely damage plants that react poorly to the sudden change in temperature. Don’t leave your little buddies to sweat in the heat while you’re having fun in the sun.

Research what your specific plants need. Typically, between 60 and 75 degrees is the preferred temperature for the plants you’d most likely find in people’s homes.

Personal Preference

Last but not least, your own personal comfort preference is a deciding factor in what temperature you should leave your home. You’ll want to come back to a home that doesn’t feel suffocating while you wait for it to cool down again. When you leave your home too warm, you’ll become tempted to cool your house extremely fast, which will cause your air conditioner to overwork, wasting efficiency and even risking its longevity.

As stated above, just a few hours of cooling a day can be enough to keep your home at a steady average of mild temperature. Then, when you return, you’ll be able to easily return to your preferred climate, just as it was before you left for vacation.

Programmable Thermostats

All of this is easier once you acquire a programmable thermostat. These devices allow you to set and schedule your home’s temperature while you’re away. That way, instead of averaging the daily high of the weeks you’re gone, you can set your temperature below the different highs of every day. While a traditional thermostat will work just fine, a programmable one has many benefits that will aid you in saving even more money while you’re not home.

A modern smart thermostat will alert you if anyone watching over your home while you’re on vacation has turned off or changed your thermostat settings. It’s easy to forget about your air conditioning while you’re rushing out of the door to catch your flight. With a programmable thermostat, you no longer have that issue.

High-Quality Service

Before you leave for vacation, remember to tune up your AC so that nothing goes wrong while you’re away. It’d be unfortunate to return home to a disaster because of faulty wiring or a poorly maintained part. A trained professional should inspect all of your parts and make sure that you’re clear to relax and enjoy your time on vacation.

Hoff Heating & AC has been a reliable and efficient service to the community for over three decades. Our experts are NATE certified and will maintain/repair all heating and cooling makes and models. At Hoff Heating & AC, we believe in high-quality products and honest services at a great value. If you would like a trained technician to check your air conditioner system before you go on vacation, call us today, and you will be in good hands.