No Contact Service CallsThese last few weeks have flooded the conscience with constant reminders of the current health COVID-19 crisis. The Coronovirus continues to dominate the topic of conversation. As your trusted Indoor Air Quality advisor, Hoff Heating & A/C would like to address the many questions & concerns we have received in recent days. We seek to accomplish this through our customer IAQ “CARE” program. Our “CARE” program is an acronym for the different ways we hope to lead our customers through this health Crisis. The goals reflected in this program include:

“C” = COMMUNICATE – It is our goal to actively communicate with our customers across the spectrum. This means everything from answering IAQ questions to addressing concerns each customer may have as it relates to their particular needs. Hoff Heating & AC wants to do everything we can to safeguard the health of our customers. Active communication is critical to accomplish that goal.

“A” = ADAPT – With the challenging times we all now face, Hoff Heating & A/C continues to adapt methods, policies, & procedures to ensure everyone’s safety. These include employee PPE use of items such as: gloves, safety masks, hand sanitizer, shoe booties, and disinfectants. Service & sales appointments are being tailored to meet everyone’s health needs. The ability to “adapt” to the way we take care of our customers will be an ongoing mission.

“R” = REASSURE – Fear and concern for everyone has grown exponentially in such a short time. We want to reassure both our employees & customers we are doing our best to safeguard everyone’s health. We have been checking employee temperatures as this crisis has developed. We also have began the in process of equipping all of our service technicians with hand held wireless for temperature reading.

“E” = EDUCATE – The amount of misinformation flying around is enormous. As your trusted IAQ Comfort Adviser, Hoff Heating & A/C has begun a campaign to educate our customers as it relates to their Indoor Air Quality. We are relaying information that has been provided by IAQ experts. This includes scientific statistical data by ASHRAE (The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers), ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America), and the EPA.

For those customers that wish to learn more about the “Education” facet of CARE, we have added several attachments to help. These include:

We hope that you find this newsletter with the spirit it is delivered. We do not want to overwhelm anyone with more information but rather express our commitment to our customers & employees. As our slogan states-“Your family’s comfort is our family’s business”. During these trying times, we would like to reinforce our sincerity of how much we truly “CARE” for all of our customers!

At Hoff Heating & AC the health and well-being of our customers, co-workers and communities is our top priority. We know the concern and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are committed to understanding the needs of our customers and associates as the situation evolves.

We are taking precautionary measures to protect our customers, as well as our team members during this global outbreak:

  • Our office and facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily with germ-killing cleansers.
  • Our employees are asked to stay home if they are under the weather or showing signs of infection.
  • Our office has hand sanitizer throughout.
  • Our staff has met and discussed the ways the CDC recommends to prevent the transmittal of the disease including regular hand washing throughout the day and avoidance of touching your face. CDC documentation has been given to all employees.
  • All team members have been asked when possible to social distance themselves the recommended 6 feet to prevent person to person transmitting.

We will continue to provide all services as usual. All employees who enter your home or business are protected with Nitrile/Latex Gloves, booties, face masks (if requested) and will require no contact with anyone at your home. Field employees will also wash their hands after each appointment and before their next. If you have questions or concerns about installations, in-home consultations or services we provide, we’re here to address them and offer flexibility to reschedule at your convenience. Stay safe.