How Does a Dehumidifier Improve the Quality of Air?

Indoor Air Quality in O'Fallon, MO

You view your home as your sanctuary, so it’s important to ensure the quality of air meets your desired standards. From your cleaning regimen to pets to your HVAC system maintenance, there are many factors that can affect the quality of air in your home. So, as you can imagine, it is important to become familiar with how you can achieve the best quality of indoor air possible.

One method of improving indoor air is the utilization of a high-performance home dehumidifier. Along with other methods to achieve clean air, most modern HVAC systems include dehumidifiers to produce the best indoor air possible.

Defining Indoor Air Quality

Often referred to as “indoor air quality” or (IAQ), the quality of air within your home is an environmental factor that has a direct effect on the health, comfort, and overall well-being of its inhabitants. There are methods that help to improve IAQ, such as using a dehumidifier to increase the amount of high-quality indoor air.

Signs of Poor Air Quality

Many people spend the majority of their time indoors. This is especially true during extreme weather such as hot Florida summers or cold northern winters.

Since you cannot see the air you breathe and its components, it is easy to ignore its quality. However, there are some signs of which you can be aware that could represent warnings that the quality of your indoor air is lacking.

Frequent Colds and Allergies

If you and your family are experiencing frequent colds, allergies, or any other symptoms, it is worth finding out if your air quality is a factor. The presence of airborne pollutants is directly linked to symptoms, like watery eyes, a runny nose, or frequent sneezing.

Excessive Dust in the Environment

Another indication of low-quality air is the presence of excessive dust throughout your home. If you start to notice that your home gets dusty too quickly, it may be due to a lack of an air purification system. Dust can be easily seen on surfaces, furniture, ceiling fans, and other items.

An easy way to determine how dusty your home may be is by checking your HVAC filter. It catches airborne particles and must be as clean as possible to work its best. If you see that your filter accumulates dust too quickly, it’s often an indication that your IAQ is poor.

The problem with dust and other airborne particles is that they can spread around pathogens such as mold, dust mites, allergies, and pet dander. It is an environmental pollutant that can easily trigger those who have asthma or are otherwise medically compromised.

Hot or Cold Spots

Do you feel a comfortable even temperature throughout your home? Or, do you wonder why some spots feel hotter or colder than others? The issue could be a lack of proper air circulation. When maintained properly, your HVAC system should be able to distribute air evenly and in a consistent manner throughout your home.

When air doesn’t flow evenly, it can create cold or hot spots which can make it possible for mildew or mold to develop. It is a problem that has a direct impact on the quality of the air you breathe.

Foul Odors

If you smell an unfamiliar odor inside your home, don’t ignore or mask it! It could be an indication that there’s something wrong with your home environment or HVAC system. Foul odors can penetrate your indoor environment for various reasons. This is especially true when your home lacks ventilation. Although you may need to turn on your HVAC system to feel a comfortable temperature at home, you also need to open your windows daily to allow fresh air to flow inside.

The Role of a Humidifier in Air Purification

Humidifiers are designed to keep indoor humidity levels at a proper level of 30%-50% Once the air has a humidity level higher than 50%, it creates the perfect medium for pathogens to thrive. Dust mites, allergens, mold, mildew, and other airborne contaminants grow at humidity levels of about 70%.

By reducing the humidity in the air, excessive moisture leaves the environment and creates cleaner and healthier air. The humidifier also helps your HVAC system work more efficiently. It makes the air less dense, thus making it easier to cool the air. By having a working dehumidifier in your home, you will likely need fewer HVAC repairs because it will have an easier workload.

Benefits of a Home Dehumidifier

Modern HVAC systems often have a built-in dehumidifier. Otherwise, there are ways one can be installed in your home. These are some of the benefits of having one:

1. Energy Efficiency

Having a combination of an HVAC system and a dehumidifier allows both technologies to work less. It lengthens the lifespan of this type of equipment. Both HVAC systems and dehumidifiers pull moisture from the air, which makes them complement each other while saving energy.

2. Rust Prevention

There are a multitude of metal components throughout your home that have the risk of becoming rusty. You can imagine how rusty metal parts can create a problem in almost all parts of your home’s structure and functionality. That means that keeping humidity levels under control inside your home is one of the most important tasks as a homeowner, especially since rust forms extremely rapidly.

3. Protects Wood, Paint, and Wallpaper

Humidity will ruin the quality of your wood furnishings and home finishes as well as paint and wallpaper. Wood swells while paint and wallpaper can bubble and peel.

5. Enhances Indoor Comfort

A dehumidifier is extremely necessary in tropical climates where the air is hot and muggy. The ideal indoor temperature is approximately 74 degrees in a crisp environment. Once humidity sets in a room, it becomes uncomfortable, and the air quality declines.

6. Keeps Dust Under Control

Keeping dust under control is crucial for people with allergies. With a quality dehumidifier, you can keep your home clean and reduce the circulation of harmful airborne particles. In one week, you will certainly notice that a dehumidifier decreases the need to dust as often.

7. Avoids Pests

Finally, a dehumidifier helps you keep pests out of your home. Insects reproduce quickly in spaces with high humidity levels.

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