Why Is Humidity Control Important?

MO humidity Humidity control is important because if you aren’t careful you can have higher than necessary energy bills. Humidity helps control the “feels like temperature,” and can make the actual temperature feel much hotter than it truly is. When humidity builds up in the home, or when there is not enough humidity, it can cause other problems, which makes it even more important to control.

Controlling humidity will allow you to be more comfortable. In a room that is too humid, the body can’t evaporate perspiration. In a room that has low humidity in the winter, there is more perspiration that evaporates, leaving you feeling colder than you should.

High humidity levels can cause mold spores to thrive and lead to health problems. The opposite, which is overly dry air, can cause sore throats and dry, cracked lips. Viruses thrive in low humidity, which means that your family members are more likely to catch colds and the flu. Dry air can make allergies and asthma worse.

Home Damage
Dry air can cause damage to your home, with your wood floors splitting and your furniture deteriorating. Paint and plaster can crack with low humidity levels. With high humidity, wood flooring and fixtures can draw in the moisture, which causes them to expand and warp. For those with hardwood floors, the right humidity levels are between 30-40%, otherwise, there can be damage to the floors.

Energy Savings
When humidity levels are too low in the winter, it will cause the temperature to drop, which means that you will have to run your heater more in order to heat your house. In the summer, when the humidity levels are too high, your air conditioner has to run overtime in order to make you feel cooler and comfortable. With the right balance of humidity levels, you can save money on heating and cooling costs.

Controlling Humidity
Central air conditioners are capable of removing humidity. A window unit or a ductless system aren’t good choices for high humidity areas since they don’t move the air enough to effectively remove humidity. While most air conditioning systems will remove humidity, you want to choose a high efficiency one in order to achieve maximum comfort. A high-efficiency system will give the system more time to remove humidity and help control the temperature better, so that humidity doesn’t build up in the home. High-efficiency systems will save you money and run more quietly. A humidifier can help with dry air if that is the problem in your home.

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