What to Expect from a Furnace Replacement

If your furnace is constantly in need of repairs and worse still, costing you a lot in the same, then it is time you consider installing a new furnace. Doing so will not only ease your heating bills but you will also enjoy all the benefits that come with a new and working furnace. Here is what should you expect when ordering for a replacement.


As one of the leading heating companies in Missouri, our personnel at Hoff Heating and AC Inc will make the furnace replacement as easy as possible. Expect our staff to arrive at your premises at 8:30 am. You will not need to be around when the work is going on, you can simply go about your errands as we make sure we keep off your way. If you need to leave the premises before we arrive, it is advisable that you leave information on where we can get the key to your premises. If you have a pet, let us know where the pet will be caged.

Upholstery and Cleaning Up

You will not need to remove your carpets because our staff will have shoe coverings on. We will also make sure we have placed drop cloths on the floor and surfaces to ensure no debris or dirt comes into contact with the same. After installing your new furnace, we will clean up every area that we used. However, you may find some residual dirt in the next few days as you clean your home. All the same, we do our best to get everything cleaned out.

Our staff will be as quiet as possible when working with the tools. Also, we will disconnect the AC to allow for the installation to be smooth. Therefore, expect a relatively quiet installation process


Once we are done with the installation and full payment is made, one of our sales representatives will visit your home after ten or fewer days to inspect the furnace. If you have any questions regarding the efficiency of the furnace, our sales representative will gladly answer them.

Inexpenxive Isn’t Always Good

Do not gamble with your heating system. Cheap is always expensive in the long run. Call our professionals today and get a quote for your furnace replacement and start enjoying stress-free comfort.

Your Go-To Heating Experts

Hoff Heating and A/C offers complete solutions for all of our customers across O’Fallon and the surrounding areas. Our service department will diagnose, repair and maintain your home’s heat pump, furnace, air conditioner, and air quality equipment of all makes and models. Schedule an appointment with us today!