What Causes Heating Repairs?

As the winter holiday season kicks in full swing, you’re probably going to start spending more time indoors. To get that conducive holiday experience that you so much desire, you may have to resort to heating and warming your house using various solutions, the most common of which is your HVAC equipment. What frustration level can exceed that of turning on your heating equipment only to find out that it is broken? Here are various causes of such problems that may prompt heating repairs.

Strange Noises

Your heating equipment’s functioning parts can produce some strange noises that you have never heard of before. These noises are normally associated with a developing problem, which, when left unattended, could lead to a major breakdown. Most strange noises come from the equipment’s moving parts, such as the blower or even the drive belts.

Insufficient Heating

When you turn on the thermostat to adjust the temperature setting, it may fail to capture the accurate heat levels that you desire. This is another common problem in most of our homes today. It is caused by thermostat-related problems, which can be corrected by replacing the thermostat. It can also be caused by a malfunctioning furnace, where the heating element has a disconnect.

Low Airflow

The flow of air across your HVAC system can sometimes be hindered by problems within the equipment and especially the ductwork. When you experience such an issue, there are high chances that the fan responsible for blowing air is broken or unable to spin at desired speeds. According to Hoff Heating & AC, this could also be as a result of a blockage within the ducts or the air filters.

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