Want To Save Energy and Money? Consider a Zoning System

If you are looking to save money and energy in your home, you should consider installing a zoned heating and air conditioning system. With this type of system, you can reduce your total energy usage as you control the temperature in each room. Here are a few things that you should know about this system.

What Is a Zoned System?

In some cases, a home will use two separate systems to heat or cool down the rooms. With a zoned HVAC system, the single unit will serve two or more zones. A zoned HVAC system usually includes a furnace combined with an air conditioner unit. An air handler or heat pump might also be a part of the setup.

For each zone, several motor-driven dampers control the airflow to every room. Depending on the ductwork, the HVAC system might have a damper for each major component. These dampers can be left open or closed in the house. A modulating controller is also used to open the dampers halfway to meet each zone’s air conditioning or heating needs.

Controlling the Temperature

With a zoned system, there are several ways to control and monitor the zone temperatures. One of the simplest ways is to install a thermostat. With this component in each room, you can manage and monitor the temperature. Thermostats are available as manual models, or you can install a modern unit with Wi-Fi technology. The newer thermostats will allow you to adjust and monitor the temperature with a simple mobile phone app.

In each zone, you can also install a multizone thermostat and several sensors to control and monitor the temperature in these areas. The sensors will relay temperature information to the thermostat, and the thermostat will adjust the cooling or heating of each section.

With a multizone thermostat, you can control the entire HVAC system from a single location. If you install several thermostats, you will have to check or adjust the temperature in each room. For many multizone thermostats, you can manage the device from anywhere with a smart device and an app. If you need help installing a new thermostat in your O’Fallon home, make sure to contact Hoff Heating & AC.

You Should Choose a Zoned System

There are many reasons to choose a zoned HVAC system for your home. If you have areas in your home that are too cold or too warm, you probably have a temperature imbalance. For example, a two-story home might have temperature issues throughout the building. The first floor may stay comfortable as the second floor remains hot and muggy.

With a zoned system, you can target those areas to keep your entire space comfortable throughout the year. In the summer, you can direct the air conditioner to the upper levels or add extra heat to those chilly rooms during the winter. With a zoned system, you can target the cooling and heating in your home as you use less energy.

The Cost of an HVAC Zoning System

While a zoned system does help you save money, there will be some costs associated with the installation. If you are installing this system in a newly constructed home, it will cost less than those who want to retrofit their existing systems. You might want to try to install these components by yourself. However, it takes an experienced technician to fit your home with a zoned system. Your technician will know what parts and systems will work best for your unique home.

Two Systems or HVAC Zoning?

When choosing an HVAC system, you can select a zoned system or install two separate units. If you have a two-story home, you might want to consider installing an HVAC zoned system. In many cases, one zoned system will cost less than installing two separate units for your home.

For those with a current HVAC system, you could retrofit the unit for zoned heating and cooling. However, you need to make sure that your existing HVAC has enough capacity to keep your home comfortable. Once you have verified that, all you have to do is just add the zoning equipment to your current setup.

In some cases, your home might not benefit from a zoned system. If your current HVAC system does not have enough capacity, then you would need two separate systems. For those having capacity issues, you should schedule an HVAC technician to come to your home. You could have dirty filters blocking airflow, or the air conditioner or heat pump might not be working correctly for your space. A simple cleanup of these systems will allow your unit to work at an optimal level.

Ductwork is another area that should be inspected. If there are leaks, they must be sealed to allow the proper airflow throughout your home. Finally, if you are still having issues, your unit could be improperly sized. These repair costs are less expensive than replacing your entire system.

Once you have ruled out issues with your system, you might want to think about adding a second HVAC system. However, in this situation, a zoned system could work for you. For example, your current HVAC might be too small for your home by 30%. If you install a zoned system, you can use dampers to reduce your heating and cooling needs by that same percentage. With a single HVAC system, you cannot reduce your energy usage like you can with a zoned system.

Finally, a zoned system might not work for those extra spaces. If you have an addition or converted garage, your HVAC system may not make enough cool air or heat to keep those spaces comfortable. You might also run into issues with ductwork installation. In those cases, your home could benefit from a split system to cool or heat those areas.

Stay Comfortable With a Zoned System

When you install a zoned system, you don’t have to run the system throughout the day. You can install a thermostat to maintain the temperature levels for each room. There is no wasted energy or money since you can adjust the temperature in those closed-off spaces. Before you install a zoned system in your home, make sure to have an experienced technician check out your entire system.

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