Top 5 Causes of AC Airflow Problems

Airflow problems with your air conditioning unit can cause you to notice hot and cool spots around your home. It is best to not let these AC issues go unfixed for extended periods of time. Eventually, they can lead to your AC unit completely shutting down when you depend on it most. Be sure to keep an eye out for the following airflow problems.

1. Clogged Air Conditioner Filter

The timing of when you should be replacing or changing out your AC filters depends on your AC unit model. If you do not replace your AC filter as often as the manufacturer recommends, it could accumulate extra dirt and debris that will obstruct the airflow.

2. Clogged Ducts

If any dust manages to get past your AC filters, it will invariably end up stuck in the ductwork. If your ductwork is too small for the size of your AC unit, it will tend to get clogged more frequently. Having your ductwork inspected will let you know whether the system needs to be cleaned to prevent future clogs.

3. Slow Motor Fan

If the fan of the AC unit is not able to move freely, it will slow down over time. If there is extra dirt or dust on the fan or its motor, it can get stuck more easily. Cleaning the fan is fairly easy to do.

4. Leaking AC Refrigerant

One of the main reasons why your airflow may be impeded is leaking refrigerant. This can also cause your AC unit to slow down and stop cooling the air at all. A reliable AC technician can test your unit for signs of leaking refrigerant.

5. Poor AC Unit Design

If your home has been renovated or an addition added on, your AC unit may no longer be the appropriate size to cool your entire home. It may also be outdated.

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