The Benefits of Regular Heating Maintenance

You probably would never drive your car around for an entire year without having any maintenance tune-ups. The same should go for your home’s furnace or heat pump. It also needs yearly maintenance to make sure it’s running properly and ready when you need it. Consider these benefits that heating maintenance can provide.

Improved Efficiency

Regular heating maintenance helps ensure that your heater will continue to run at its optimal performance. An important part of maintenance is making sure dust and debris are regularly cleaned out of your heating equipment. It is not enough to just change or clean your system’s air filter monthly because dust can still accumulate and interfere with your heater’s performance.

Prevents Major Breakdowns

Yearly maintenance can alert you to small problems before they grow into big and expensive repairs. Our service technician will inspect all moving parts and make needed adjustments and recommend parts replacements as needed. This helps cut down on breakdowns when you need your heat the most.

Keeps Your Family Safe

Yearly furnace or heat pump maintenance includes an inspection of wires and other electrical connections in your heater for any fraying or scorching that could indicate a fire hazard. The technician will also check for any cracks in burners or levels of carbon monoxide gas that could jeopardize the safety of your family.

Saves Money over the Long Run

It is common for people to scoff at the cost of a heating maintenance appointment or contract. However, it is easy to justify the expense when you consider that regular maintenance can:

  • Reduce future repair costs, including added emergency service fees
  • Prevent an early replacement of your heating system
  • Extend the life of your heating system
  • Ensure the comfort and safety of your family

If you haven’t had a furnace or heat pump tune-up in a while, it is not too late to get back on track with its maintenance. Contact Hoff Heating & AC to schedule a maintenance appointment or repair service for your O’Fallon, MO, home.