Should I Turn My AC Off When I’m on Vacation?

Inside of HouseIf you regularly use air conditioning in your home to reduce the temperature, you may wonder what to do about the cooling when you are expected to be away for an extended amount of time. Should you keep your AC turned on when you will not be around for several days or is it better to turn it off? Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you make your decision.

Consider The Humidity Level
If your home is prone to humidity problems when the air conditioning is turned off, leaving it on when you are away is best. This will help to remove moisture from the air, keeping the interior of your home from becoming musty. Humidity could also lead to odors in the home, peeling paint, and mold. Leaving the air conditioning on will alleviate these problems, helping to keep your personal space in the best of condition so you do not need to tend to any repair work or cleanup sessions upon your return.

Think About Any Pets In The House
If you have pets being cared for by a friend or family member in your absence, the need to keep your AC on will be necessary. Make sure to program your thermostat so the air remains at a comfortable level throughout your trip. It is best to leave the thermostat set at the regular setting so your pets do not notice a difference in the temperature level. This will help to keep pets from suffering from anxiety during an already stressful time because of your disappearance. Those who are coming over to your home to tend for your pets will also appreciate a comfortable temperature during their stay.

Consider What Excessive Heat Can Cause
If you do not leave your air conditioning on when you leave, the interior of your home is at risk for excessive heat buildup. This could cause perishable items in your pantry to spoil or become altered. The electronics in your home are more likely to become damaged from moisture buildup. In addition, your refrigerator and freezer will need to run at more frequent intervals. Not only will this increase your electric bill, but the appliances will be more likely to break because of increased usage.

Staying cool when warm temperatures are present is key to keeping comfortable. Hoff Heating & A/C, Inc. in O’Fallon, MO is ready to help you with any of your air conditioning installation or repair work needs. Call us today to make an appointment.