What Are the Most Important Rooms to Have an Air Purifier in?

The best rooms to put an air purifier in are the ones where you and your family spend the most time. Purifiers are designed to clean the air in the immediate vicinity by removing the contaminants. Those who suffer from allergies are said to benefit from the devices the most since they have sensitivities.

Here are the most important rooms to put an air purifier in.


The most important room to put an air purifier in is the bedroom — yours as well as the bedrooms of your children. This is the room where you spend the most time because this is where you sleep. As you sleep, you are breathing in all the contaminants in the air as well as anything else floating around. An air purifier can clean the room for you so that you can get a healthy sleep.

Living Room

The living room is a great room to put a purifier in because it is shared by the entire family. This means that everyone’s sensitivities collide there. To keep everyone comfortable, keep the air in this space clean.


If you have a nursery for your newborn, you want to ensure that your baby is breathing in the cleanest air possible. At this stage, babies are rapidly growing and developing. Give them the best possible environment with the cleanest air.

Home Office

Those who work from home benefit from placing a purifier in their office. You may be the only person who uses the room, but since you spend so much time in it, you will feel more comfortable if the air is clean.


A basement that gets used for recreation and other purposes should have an air purifier, too. Since this room tends to get musty and humid thanks to the fact that it holds moisture, this is where things like mold can develop.

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