Minimizing Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants

If respiratory health is a concern to you, then you’ll definitely want to do what you can to reduce exposure to indoor air pollutants. Many homes have become efficient at providing insulation from exterior temperatures, but a side effect is that airborne irritants can build up. Here are ways you can reduce exposure to indoor air pollutants.

Reduce Pollutants

One of the smart things to do is to reduce the influx of pollutants. Certain cleaning products and paints contain VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, and these are released into the air when those products are used. Look for more natural products if you don’t want to bring VOCs into your home.

Let in Fresh Air

Bringing in fresh air is beneficial. A cheap, easy thing you can do is to open up doors and windows on nice days and evenings. Increasing circulation can also be achieved through the use of mechanical products. Turning on fans in the kitchen, attic, or bathroom that blow air outside can improve air low and get some of the harmful irritants out of your house.

Clean Often

Additionally, cleaning is very important. Weekly vacuuming can remove a lot of dust and debris that have accumulated on the floors, and the washing machine can remove dirt and dust that may have built up on bedding, furniture coverings, and curtains.

Install an Air Purification System

If you think that something more significant needs to be done, then consider putting in an air purification system. At Hoff Heating & AC, many of our customers in the O’Fallon region have asked us to install these air purification systems. There are many models to choose from, and we’d be happy to discuss which unit might be best for your house.

Features that some air cleaners and purifiers offer may include:

  • Quiet operation
  • Carbon filtration to remove odors
  • Integration with existing HVAC systems
  • Ability to remove up to 90 percent of particulates and bioaerosols
  • Easy maintenance

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