How to Tell If You Need Furnace Repair

Hoff Heating & AC is a premier heating company in O’Fallon, and our technicians know that a well-maintained heating system can last for decades. However, there are those times when the system simply needs to be fixed, and that’s usually beyond the ability of the owner. How do you know when the time has arrived?

The Furnace Simply Won’t Run

If your furnace won’t come on even after the thermostat is reset and the circuit breaker is checked, you’ll probably require technical assistance. Sometimes, a furnace won’t respond because its motor is overheated. If you wait for several minutes, try to turn on the furnace again and it still won’t operate, it’s time to call in our team. You shouldn’t try to restart an oil furnace after the third try. Oil can build up in the combustion chamber and cause a flash.

Energy Bills Keep Going Up

As a furnace gets older, it gradually becomes less efficient. You can see this when you receive your monthly bill and the operating expenses keep going up even though you’re not using any more energy than usual.

The Unit Keeps Cycling On and Off

When a furnace keeps cycling on and off even after the filter and the blower have been checked to make sure they’re not clogged, turn to the crew from Hoff Heating & AC. We’ll diagnose the issue and see that it’s fixed.

The Blower Keeps Running

The blower in a furnace shouldn’t run all the time. This usually means the limit control needs adjustment. We’re prepared to lend you a hand with it.

The Rooms Are Different Temperatures

Though it may be true that various rooms have different levels of heat loss and gain, one room in an unzoned system shouldn’t be toasty while another is freezing cold. This is another sign that your furnace needs repair.

We’re Ready to Work on Your Furnace

If you’ve seen one or more of these signs, your furnace should be inspected by a trained technician. Call Hoff Heating & AC today for furnace repair.