How Geothermal Systems Can Save You Money

Geothermal heating and cooling are designed to harness the heat within the Earth to efficiently provide comfort to your home or business. This method of providing heating and cooling has been around for several decades but has become increasingly popular now that the average consumer has access to information that allows them to learn more about how they can reduce their carbon footprint and become more economical.

How Do Geothermal Systems Work?
Water is circulated through an underground loop that is heated by the warmth stored inside of the Earth. The heated water is then pumped into the house or structure. Once the heated water reaches the unit, the hot water is pushed to the compressor, and then the heated air is blown throughout the area. In reverse, the system sucks warm air from the structure and runs it through a loop underground where the Earth remains a constant temperature throughout the year and is cooled and recirculated through the interior environment.

How Do Geothermal Systems Save Money?
Rather than drawing on a constant steady supply of electricity, which is provided via fossil fuel, to run the motors that provide power to the HVAC unit. A geothermal system only requires a minimal amount of electricity to run the fan, compressor, and pump that propels the water and air. In comparison, a geothermal unit can save the average consumer up to hundreds of dollars per month on their heating and cooling expenses. The amount of savings depends on the size of the structure, and the weather conditions in the area. Overall, geothermal systems provide a better solution to providing year-round comfort as opposed to traditional HVAC units. People who are considering converting to a geothermal HVAC system can contact a professional HVAC contractor such as Hoff Heating and A/C, Inc. who offers these systems to get more information.

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