How Clean Is Your Indoor Air?

Air pollution is a major cause of concern in the world today. Dirty, polluted air is closely associated with a range of infectious diseases, such as the flu. That’s why you cannot afford to live in a home environment where the air quality is compromised. Living in a clean indoor air environment can greatly enhance your home comfort. Here are tips on how to clean and boost the quality of your indoor air.

Preventing Smoke Accumulation

Any kind of smoke can greatly compromise your air quality. To prevent such cases, it is important to consider basic measures, such as banning indoor smoking. The fireplace should also have a well-functioning chimney to let out any smoke that may otherwise build up in your sitting room. You may also choose to install smoke detectors to warn you whenever smoke accumulates unknowingly in your rooms.

Improving Your Ventilation

To ensure optimal levels of indoor air quality, your house needs proper air ventilation. The circulation of air between the inside and outside of your house should be enhanced by well-installed ventilation systems. At Hoff Heating & AC, we greatly recommend homeowners to consider installing HVAC equipment to ensure that such circulation is achieved.

Monitor Indoor Humidity Levels

The level of humidity in your indoor air could be a major health determinant. Excessively dry air can easily propagate flu infections while too humid air can cause a moldy indoor environment. To prevent such nightmares, it is important to consider working with Hoff Heating & AC experts to ensure that your house has a well-installed and functional humidifier.

Hoff Heating & AC is a major industry player in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. We serve customers across O’Fallon and the surrounding areas, ensuring that they not only understand the importance of good indoor air quality but also maintain good control of their indoor ventilation. We also provide additional related heating and cooling services, such as installations, repairs, and tune-ups.

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