Furnace Repair Warning Signs

It’s late at night. You wake up to a quiet house that’s steadily getting colder. The furnace has stopped working, and now you need to make an emergency repair call. However, your furnace may have been giving you the message that it needed a repair for some time. This article will describe some common signs that a furnace repair may be coming soon.

Unusual Noises

Every homeowner knows that the heating system makes some amount of noise. The normal sounds tend to fade into the background. If you hear other, unusual sounds, your furnace may be telling you something. Call a professional if you hear:

  • Rattling sounds: It could just be a loose screw or it could be something more important.
  • Scraping sounds: The sounds of metal on metal may indicate parts that have come out of alignment.
  • Whining sounds: A loose motor belt will squeal at a high pitch.
  • Booming sounds: If your furnace fires up with a bang, it may mean that the timing of the burner is off.

Strange Smells

There is often a slight burnt smell when the heater turns on for the first time of the season. Most other smells coming from your furnace indicate a problem worth investigating. It might be a timing issue; it might be a venting issue. Either way, get it checked out immediately.

Running Too Long

A furnace that is running properly will cycle on and off throughout the day during the cold season. If it seems like your furnace is running all the time, it may indicate that it is no longer heating efficiently. It has to burn more fuel than normal to provide consistent heat. You may also notice an increase in your heating costs. These signs merit a call to a heating service professional.

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