How Can An Energy Efficient AC Unit Save You Money?

Do you always get a sticker shock when you get your monthly energy bill? Regardless of what your financial position looks like, paying high bills is about as much fun as going for a root canal. If saving some cash sparks your interest, here is how switching to energy efficient AC unit will save you money.

The energy efficiency of an AC system is measured by the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). It is the ratio of the cooling output (in BTU) of an A/C divided by the energy consumed in Watt-Hours. Typically, all central AC units should have a SEER rating of 13, and be Energy Star certified at 14.5 or higher. The higher the rating, the more efficient a unit is.

When you upgrade your unit from old air conditioner to a modern, more efficient model, you will potentially save a lot of energy and money. For instance, if your older unit had a SEER rating of 9, and you upgrade it to a SEER 13 (the lowest efficiency available), you will reduce your energy bill by about 28%. That means you will save up to $300 per year, depending on the cost of electricity and your usage rate.

Essential Tip: You can also install a smart thermostat such as a WiFi thermostat or digital and wireless thermostat to your unit, instead of the traditional model. A smart thermostat has remote connectivity that lets you adjust temperatures when you are away from home–a benefit that a standard thermostat doesn’t offer.

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Reducing your household energy consumption is an imperatively sound strategy. At Hoff Heating & AC, we pride in every new energy efficient AC installation, and we ensure that it is correctly done. We understand that homeowners expect their new unit to pay for themselves over their lifespan, and we know how essential proper installation is to this equation. We take the time to address your concerns about the energy efficient unit and help you find the best for your home. Servicing the residents of O’Fallon and the surrounding areas for many years, we will put that experience to serve you.

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