Does Your Home Have Cold or Hot Rooms?

When the summertime weather peaks, the heat can be too much for some air conditioners to keep up with. This may result in a room in your O’Fallon, MO, home remaining hot even though the air conditioner is on.

While this is a common issue for many homes, it does not have to be your reality. There are various reasons why uneven cooling can happen, and there are also various solutions to the problem.

Stay Up-to-Date on Routine Maintenance Checks for Your Air Conditioner

The common culprit to uneven cooling in the home is an air conditioner that has not been maintained. It is estimated that cooling units lose 5 percent of their power every year without maintenance tune-ups.

Here at Hoff Heating & AC, we have a great team of air conditioner technicians in the O’Fallon, MO, area. Our team will inspect your unit from the inside to the outside to ensure filters are clean and screws are tightened and make sure that none of your equipment is outdated.

Cutting Edge Heating and Cooling Technology Available

At Hoff Heating & AC, we stay on top of the latest equipment innovations. If your cooling unit is already maintained but there is still uneven cooling in the home, then you can consider our Mitsubishi mini-splits.

This technology is designed for hot or cold rooms, studios, cottages, garages, and workshops. These devices can be mounted on a wall, and they require no ductwork.

Quick and Easy Installation

Our NATE-certified technicians with Hoff Heating & AC can install the Mitsubishi mini-splits with little to no disruption in your home. Regular maintenance on these units will continue to deliver you cool air with top efficiency. Since your satisfaction is our guarantee, we stock the parts for various models. Therefore, Hoff Heating & AC is your one-stop shop for whatever you need.

Hoff Heating & AC specializes in heating, cooling, installation, repair, and maintenance. We have a wide variety of products to suit your home and budget. Give us a call to put an end to the uneven cooling in your home. Our team is standing by.