Do New Furnaces Work Differently Than Older Furnaces?

In O’Fallon, St. Charles and the rest of St. Louis County, MO, we rely on our furnaces in the winter, so we need to keep track of when our older furnace has exceeded its useful lifespan. At Hoff Heating & AC, our customers often ask us to explain what the differences are between the older and newer models of furnaces and if it is a good time to upgrade to a newer furnace.

Depending on the age of your current furnace, there may be differences in how the new models of heating systems operate. The following are some of the major differences.

Thorough and Efficient Heating

The newer furnaces are often able to heat your home more thoroughly and more efficiently because more air is blown over the heat exchanger.

More Cost-Effective Energy Source

Some older furnaces work by converting electricity to heat. That is often the most expensive way to heat a home unless you are using a heat pump. The newer furnaces use gas, which is more efficient and cost-effective in converting to heat.

Variable-Speed Air Handlers – More Efficient and Quieter

The new furnaces are equipped with variable-speed rather than single-speed air handlers. These devices can lower or raise the airspeed through the system based on current needs. This saves energy dollars and produces a quieter heater.

Dual-Stage Heating

Another great new feature on the newer furnaces is called dual-stage heating. Very simply, that means that your newer furnace will be able to operate at one of two speeds. The lower speed is the one that you will use the vast majority of the time. The higher speed is only used when the outside temperature is very low. This is another feature that saves energy. The old furnaces just work at one speed regardless of the temperature outside.

Side Venting

Also, the venting systems in the newer furnaces work to extract every bit of heat out of the gas used. They do this by venting out the side of your house rather than through a vent extending out your roof.

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