Checking for Air Leaks in the Home

Air leaks are responsible for a large percentage of energy loss in a home. It is estimated that almost half of your energy bill goes to the heat that is lost through these leaks. Sometimes, they may be huge and easy to notice. However, there are those that are very small and can only be found using special techniques.

Before calling a contractor to seal the leaks, you can detect them on your own.
Try the following methods:

Using an Air Leak Detector

Air leak detectors are gadgets that are used to identify where the air is entering or leaving your house. These devices run on electronic sensors that detect air movement. They can be particularly effective at identifying small leaks that are not easy to detect using other methods.

Using a Candle to Detect Air Leaks

Candles can be used to detect smaller leaks that your hand cannot. They are effective because they will detect the smallest entry of air.

With a lit candle, you should gently place it close to the areas that could have leaks. If no air is coming through, the flame will remain steady. However, if you place it at a certain position and the flame starts to shake, it shows that the place has a leak that you may need to address.

Using Your Hand to Detect Air Leaks

Your bare hand can be a perfect tool to use for detecting leaks, especially those that are rather large. To get started, turn the furnace on so that your home heats up to a comfortable temperature. Then, walk around your home and pass your hand around the areas that are prone to leaks.

Common leak sites include exterior door edges, window seals, vents, electricity connection points, and even kitchen and bathroom fixtures. When your heating system is on, it’s also a good idea to examine your ductwork to check for leaks that may prevent warm air from moving efficiently throughout the home.


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