Careers in the HVAC Industry

There are numerous careers in the HVAC industry. These range from well-known options such as working as an HVAC technician to obtaining a job in a specialized, eco-friendly HVAC field. Following are some job choices you may want to consider if you are interested in this field.

HVAC Technician

HVAC Technicians are the ones who handle day to day HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacement jobs. These dedicated individuals may specialize in handling residential work, commercial work or both. They can be found in homes, businesses and on construction sites. The best HVAC technicians are the ones with NATE certification. This certification shows a technician is both experienced and qualified to handle certain jobs.

HVAC Engineers

HVAC engineers are often in charge of supervising one or more teams of HVAC technicians. These individuals make sure new HVAC systems are properly installed and running well. Alternatively, an HVAC engineer may work at an HVAC manufacturing plant, evaluating new HVAC systems and designs to find ways to improve system efficiency and performance.

Solar and Wind Turbine Technicians

As solar and wind power continues to grow in popularity, a growing number of HVAC technicians are learning how to work with these forms of energy. HVAC technicians who want to work with solar power need to complete photovoltaic training. Additionally, they may need to complete training pertaining to the specific brand and type of solar panels they will be working with. Wind turbine technicians likewise need specialized training. Unlike solar technicians who may handle residential solar panel installation, maintenance, and repair, wind turbine technicians tend to work in the commercial rather than residential sector.

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