Benefits of Using a Smart Thermostat In Your Home

When it’s so easy to change the temperature of your house by adjusting the thermostat, you may wonder if the expense of a new programmable thermostat is worth it. However, you may find that using a smart thermostat improves your life and saves you time, besides saving you money.

Change Your Home Temp on the Go

One of the biggest differences with a smart thermostat is that you can adjust it without getting up or even being in your home. Depending on the particular thermostat, you can change the settings from your smartphone or web app, or even by speaking into the Amazon Echo. You can change the temperature so it’s comfortable before you get home. You can also create a heating and cooling schedule on an app, and change it every week. Because the information is on an app, it will be easier to read than numbers on a regular thermostat.

Maximize Efficiency of Your HVAC System

What makes smart thermostats “smart” is that they can learn your habits and usage history, allowing you to see when your system kicked on and what temperature is best at certain times of the day. You can see how much energy you use and how it changes over time. The smart thermostat will adjust the temperature throughout the day depending on your needs, turning down while you are at work and cooling again when you are coming back home. Smart thermostats have sensors to let them know when people are there, which helps them learn your habits. If you save just 10% off your normal energy bill every month, the savings will add up quickly.

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