Since 1983, Hoff Heating & AC has been the leading installer of air scrubbers in Troy, MO. We are family-owned and always put our customers first. In addition to being BBB-accredited Hoff Heating & AC has also maintained an A+ rating. We work hard to ensure that every home in Troy has clean air. While not all air scrubbers are the same, the best HVAC air scrubber will eliminate debris, dust, and other air impurities from your home. Did you know that indoor air pollution can not only affect your general comfort, but also your health?

Air Scrubbers in Troy, MO

Top quality Air Scrubbers in Troy

Poor air quality can do more than cause unwanted smells and odors in your home. It can also significantly affect your sleep, in addition to causing severe allergic reactions. During Missouri winters we spend a lot of time indoors. Without proper air circulation in your home, you may experience everything from headaches to trouble breathing. Pair this with dander and debris from your pets and you’ve created a near perfect storm for medical issues. While many believe that air scrubbers are expensive, they can also offer substantial long-term benefits.

Air scrubbers are an effective way to reduce debris and harmful bacteria from the air inside your home. If you’re thinking about installing an air scrubber, here are some of the immediate benefits you’ll receive:
  • Cleaner, fresher air in every area of your home
  • Reduction of pet hair and dander in the air
  • Long-term savings on your electricity bill
  • Improved air circulation
Top quality Air Scrubbers in Troy

Experience the Best HVAC Air Scrubber in Troy

Once you install an air scrubber, you can immediately recognize the difference in air quality. The inside of homes can be a Petri dish for pollutants and bacteria. Over time this build up can cause significant health problems, and certain byproducts, such as mold, can also lead to structural damage. All of our products are built for longevity. We understand that installing new air scrubbers can be a big financial decision. That’s why we ensure that all of our products are built to last. Every job we take is handled with extreme care, and we want to make sure that our customers always have a great experience when working with us.

Whether you have questions about installing air scrubbers in Troy, or are ready to schedule an appointment, we’re here to help. Our long list of awards show that when customers want the best HVAC air scrubber, they come to Hoff Heating & AC. Don’t forget that we also offer expert heating and cooling services as well.

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