Air Purifiers in St. Louis, MOAt Hoff Heating & AC, we specialize in air purifiers in St. Louis, MO and can help you overcome any indoor air quality issues you might be facing. The EPA estimates that the concentration of airborne pollutants indoors is typically two to five times higher than the concentration outdoors. Constantly breathing in this polluted air can have numerous potential health consequences. The easiest way to prevent this is by upgrading your HVAC system with an air purification system.

Air Purifiers in St. Louis

Indoor air pollution can come from a wide variety of sources both inside and outside of the home. Most homes are filled with numerous biological contaminants and allergens like mold, pollen, bacteria, dust mites, and pet dander. These airborne particles can obviously cause serious issues for anyone with severe allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

An even bigger problem is the many different chemical contaminants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in most buildings. Gas and exhaust fumes often filter into the house from a garage or traffic out on the street. Even common household tasks like cooking and cleaning can release various pollutants and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Formaldehyde, benzene, styrene, and other VOCs are especially problematic as many of them are carcinogenic or can contribute to serious long-term health issues. The biggest issue with these compounds is that they are naturally released by a wide variety of building materials and home furnishings.

Some of the most common sources of VOCs found in most homes include:
  • Adhesives, paints, and varnishes
  • Chemical cleaning products
  • Linoleum, laminate, and vinyl flooring
  • Dry-cleaned fabrics, upholstery, and furniture foams

Air purifiers are an ideal solution that can quickly eliminate the vast majority of these pollutants and contaminants. There are both standalone air purifier units and whole-home air purification systems that work alongside your home’s HVAC system to trap most biological and chemical contaminants.

Running a filtration system for even an hour can drastically reduce the concentration of airborne pollutants. In fact, most systems will filter out more than 95% of pollutants within 24 hours. This makes air purifiers the best, most-effective method for improving indoor air quality and ensuring you can breathe easily.

Trusted Air Purification System Experts

Trusted Air Purification System Experts

At Hoff Heating & AC, we are experts in indoor air quality. We carry a range of air purifiers and filtration systems and can help you choose the best unit for your specific needs. We’ve been providing exceptional HVAC and indoor air quality services for nearly 40 years and are one of the area’s most trusted contractors. This is evidenced by our A+ rating from the BBB and the numerous awards we’ve won over the years. Hoff Heating & AC is located in O’Fallon just a short distance north of I-70 and Lake Saint Louis, and we serve customers throughout the St. Louis metro area.

To learn more about the benefits of air filtration, give the team at Hoff Heating & AC a call today.