Hoff Heating & AC provides prompt service for air conditioning installation in Chesterfield, MO. We employ more than 45 NATE-certified technicians, most of whom have been with our HVAC company for more than a decade. When you need air conditioning replacement options, our expert installers walk you through the process and help you find energy-efficient units that have the right BTU rating for your home.

Air Conditioning Installation in Chesterfield, MO

Whether you need AC installation to replace an older, unreliable cooling unit or you want to add central air conditioning for the first time, we offer prompt turnarounds and reasonable rates.

Chesterfield residents choose us for AC replacement and other AC services because of our:
  • Wide service area
  • High-quality Lennox products
  • Three decades of experience

Quality Air Conditioning Installation in Chesterfield

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your house effectively, it often means you need to have the unit looked at. A minor repair might get things working properly, though older units often benefit from replacement services. Did you know that ordering air conditioning installation to replace a 10 year old unit can often net energy savings of up to 30%? Newer cooling technology makes ordering an air conditioning replacement a solid financial investment for many Chesterfield homeowners.

Underpowered units can also be a problem in Chesterfield, particularly when summer temperatures approach 90-degrees. Our AC installation service starts with a property inspection to determine the type of unit that will most cost effectively cool your home.

There are lots of benefits to upgrading your air conditioning, including:
  • Savings on your electric bill
  • Better cooling throughout your home
  • Thermostat upgrades and smart temperature controls
  • Zoned cooling upgrades for granular temperature control

Your Reliable Air Conditioning Replacement Company

Your Reliable Air Conditioning Replacement CompanyAt Hoff Heating & AC, we’ve been installing and maintaining HVAC units in Chesterfield homes since 1983. Our decades of experience help us diagnose issues quickly and make thoughtful and personalized recommendations for air conditioning replacement. No two homes are exactly the same, which is why we tailor our services for every customer. During a Chesterfield summer, faulty air conditioning is an emergency. Our service means you never have to suffer the heat for a moment longer than necessary. While we schedule air conditioning replacement services to get your reliable cooling, we can often coax your older unit into better performance while we procure your chosen replacement.

Reasons why you should consider an air conditioner replacement
  • Older system on its last legs
  • High utility bills
  • Frequent repairs costing too much money
  • Poor performance and home comfort

Chesterfield’s Trusted AC Installation Experts

By answering these simple questions, you can get a good idea of the best course of action for your comfort situation. If you need help through the process, we’d be happy to provide assistance. We have the most dependable AC technicians in Chesterfield who are 100% focused on your cooling needs. If you need a AC repair, AC maintenance, or heater replacement, we offer that too.

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