3 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many people tend to think that poor air quality is something that’s limited to the air outside. However, most people spend more time indoors than out so that’s where improvements to air quality can really make a difference. While taking the following steps to increase the quality of your indoor air range from those you can DIY to the more involved, one thing they all have in common is that you and your family will breathe much better afterward.

1. Don’t Smoke

According to a New York City pediatrician and the director of the Children’s Environmental Health Center at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Philip Landrigan, MD, eliminating secondhand cigarette smoke is likely to be the most important component when improving the quality of the air inside your home. Not only does cigarette smoke contain over 4,000 chemicals, but it also increases the chances of the smoker developing cancer, strokes and heart attacks. Children who grow up in a home where people smoke are more likely to develop asthma, ear infections, and respiratory problems. Of course, it’s best if no one smokes in your family at all but at least don’t allow anyone to smoke inside your home.

2. Ventilate

Imagine the number of chemical and other substances that are spewed into the air of your home on a daily basis. Spray cleaners, deodorizing sprays, and air fresheners are just a few examples of the kind of products that can build up and compromise the quality of your air. Installing a ventilation control system is an energy efficient way to monitor and control the air that comes inside your home so the stale air is regularly replaced with fresh air.

3. Control Humidity

Moist areas are the ideal breeding ground for a number of allergens such as mold and dust mites that can compromise the quality of your home’s indoor air. Aim for a humidity level of between 30 and 50 percent to help keep these and other kinds of allergens under control. While using your air conditioner can help reduce the humidity levels in your home, you might also need a dehumidification system.

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