3 Benefits of Furnaces

Despite the emergence of many technological heating systems, furnaces remain to be one of the most popular heating systems. The use of furnaces dates back to before the Industrial Revolution. At that time, they depended on wood and coal. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of furnaces and why they have remained popular for such a long time.

1. Flexibility

A furnace can run on plenty of fuels so you have many options. Even though many furnace users prefer to use natural gas as the fuel, it is possible for a furnace to run on a variety of fuels including propane, oil, and electricity. This means that they can accommodate the needs of many homeowners who may depend on various sources of fuel. Furnaces are available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of different people. It is possible to find something regardless of your energy needs or the size of your home.

2. Energy-Efficiency

Furnaces have evolved to be very energy-efficient. The newer models may score up to 98% on AFUE ratings. This means that they use up to 98% of the fuel to provide you with heat and only two percent goes to waste. This is a lot better than what furnaces use to do in the past. The ratings are used to calculate the efficiency of today’s furnaces. With a thermostat, you can easily control your temperature.

3. Reliability

People continue to use furnaces because, over the years, they have been proven to work well. Furnaces have a higher heat output than most other heating systems. They can, therefore, be used in parts of the country that are very cold. They do so without putting your safety at risk. Modern furnaces are made to abide by strict safety standards. With regular maintenance services, they can remain in good working conditioning for a very long time.

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