How To Light a Pilot Light on a Furnace

When your furnace’s pilot light goes out, the bad news is that you won’t have any heat. The good news, in most cases, is that you’ll be able to re-light it on your own.

Follow These Steps

Each furnace should come with an instruction label that will tell you what to do to light it. If you can’t find or read this label, these general instructions should work.

First, look for an On/Off switch for your pilot light, which should be at the bottom of your furnace. Turn the switch to the Off position, and wait for five minutes or longer so that any gas can dissipate. This is an important safety step that will ensure that the gas in the air won’t ignite when you’re holding an open flame. While you’re waiting, find the button that says “Reset,” since you’ll be using this later.

After at least five minutes, turn the switch to “Pilot.” Hold down the reset button while bringing the flame from a long lighter or match to the pilot light opening. It should catch immediately, but once the flame does catch, let go of the reset button.

Still Won’t Work?

If you’re not able to light your pilot light, or if it seems like you’re having to do this task more frequently than you would expect, there may be a larger issue. At Hoff Heating & AC, we’re often called out to repair furnaces after homeowners in O’Fallon, MO, or the surrounding communities. It’s certainly a good idea to call on a professional if you’re concerned. After all, your furnace is a complex machine with an important job.

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