5 Tips to Reduce Strain on Your HVAC System This Winter

Winter HVAC in O'Fallon, MO

One way you can save money on energy costs and repairs is by reducing the strain on your heating and cooling system. If your system works harder than usual to keep your home comfortable, you can expect your energy bills to go up. Moreover, the strain on your system intensifies the wearing process, meaning you will have to pay for repairs and replacements every so often. Although these costs might not seem a lot at first, in the long run, they can quickly add up. If your system strains to keep your indoors comfortable, chances are you will likely have to replace your unit prematurely. For most homeowners in O’Fallon, MO, HVAC installation is an expensive investment, necessitating substantial financial sacrifices. Accordingly, you want your system to serve you long enough to get value for money. With the following tips, you can lessen the load on your system and extend its lifespan while enjoying comfort.

1. Clean or Replace Filters

Your system filters are responsible for trapping indoor air pollutants, including dust, mold spores, dander, pollen, and other small particles that would otherwise compromise your home’s indoor air quality. Over time, these contaminants can accumulate on the filters, restricting airflow, which can cause your system to work harder than it should. Moreover, clogged or dirty filters can’t trap pollutants effectively and, at times, will allow some of the already trapped contaminants back indoors, putting your loved ones at risk of respiratory infections. By changing your HVAC filters at the beginning of the winter season, you’re not only protecting your family but also your system. With unrestricted airflow, you can expect fewer or no breakdowns and energy efficiency.

2. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Think of HVAC maintenance in O’Fallon as an investment rather than an expense. One of the leading misconceptions surrounding HVAC systems is you should only have your system checked by a professional once the problem is evident. According to Hoff Heating & AC experts, this shouldn’t be the case. By scheduling preventive maintenance, you are able to catch and address problems early before they become more extensive and expensive to repair. Our experts will also clean and lubricate your system during maintenance, which reduces the strain on your system and slows down the wearing process. Consequently, you can reduce the probability of your system breaking down when you need it the most. Moreover, your system will be more energy efficient, which translates to lower energy bills. If you want to prevent premature system failure and extend the lifespan of your unit, preventive maintenance is the way to go.

3. Carry Out Prompt Repairs

Don’t wait for your system to completely shut down in order to reach out to our technicians. If you notice any signs pointing to HVAC problems, schedule prompt repairs. Among the most common signs you require HVAC repair include:

  • Short cycling
  • Uneven heating
  • Unusual sounds and smells
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Unusually high energy bills

Even though your system might still be working, when you ignore the above signs, you’ll be putting more strain on it and causing more damage to the components. At some point, your system will shut down, demanding expensive repairs or replacements. In the worst-case scenario, you might be forced to install a new system prematurely. If the problem is due to an electrical issue, ignoring it means you are putting your property and loved ones in danger of a fire hazard. Keep in mind that the winter season is a busy time for most HVAC technicians, and in some cases, although rarely, you might be forced to spend some time in the cold while waiting for help to come. Instead of risking the health and comfort of your loved ones, seek immediate repairs.

Regarding repairs, don’t perform DIY repairs on your system. At first, it might seem like you are saving some cash. However, in the long run, you might end up spending more. Without training and the right tools, you could end up causing more damage to the system. Accordingly, leave the job to experts.

4. Upgrade Your Insulation

Proper insulation in plays a key role in reducing the strain on your system. Without proper insulation, your HVAC system is forced to work harder, which intensifies wear and tear and increases energy consumption. Start by scheduling a professional assessment to determine the state of the current insulation. Our experts will check for any signs of damage or insufficient coverage that may compromise the effectiveness of your insulation. Depending on the severity of the damage, we will recommend additional insulation or an upgrade to newer and more efficient materials. Although it might be tempting to install the new insulation on your own and save some coins, the job is best left to professionals here in O’Fallon. Hoff Heating & AC installers will ensure precision and adherence to local building codes and regulations.

5. Install a Smart Thermostat

Thanks to the evolution of technology, your thermostat can now learn and adapt to your lifestyle. A smart thermostat employs advanced sensors and algorithms to analyze and learn your behavior, including when you go to bed and when you leave or come back from work. By understanding your patterns, your thermostat can orchestrate your system to work more efficiently. Now, your HVAC system doesn’t have to heat your home when you are at work, reducing the strain on your system and cutting down your energy bills. Don’t worry; you won’t have to come back to a freezing cold home. The smart thermostat will prompt your unit to start heating your home sometime before you are back so you can return to a comfortable environment. Most smart thermostats will also allow you to make adjustments remotely from your smartphone or computer as long as you have internet access. This can come in handy if you are on a business trip and need to make adjustments.

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