5 Times to Install a New Air Conditioner

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Most people begin to think of their air conditioning unit when the temperature rises. If your unit needs replacement, getting a new one at the beginning of the heating season will cost more. Note that most HVAC technicians are usually busy attending to emergency calls in the summer. During this time, air conditioner prices also skyrocket due to the high demand. So, if you want to enjoy a quick replacement, consider getting a new unit during the off-season.

The key to getting a great deal is targeting the opposite of the market. Note that AC companies tend to lower the prices when fewer buyers are in the market. You will save both money and time if you choose to buy a new air conditioner when there is less demand for one. However, people have different needs, so we cannot all replace our units at one time. If you want a seamless experience, these are the best times to install a new AC.

1. During Spring

One good time to buy a new AC is during spring, especially when the central air conditioning unit will require professional installation. There are fewer buyers in the market in the spring, so you will likely find better deals. HVAC professionals are also less busy, so you can get quotes from different companies. You will have more bargaining power, and you can even ask for freebies.

When purchasing a major appliance like the AC, you should do extensive research. In spring, you will have enough time to evaluate your home to determine which unit best suits your needs. Compare different brand features and get guidance from a trusted HVAC team. Waiting until summer to get your AC will push you into making a rash decision, and you could end up dissatisfied with the unit sooner than expected.

Since spring comes just before summer, installing a new unit in the spring will help you be prepared for the hot months. The new unit will efficiently and economically cool your house through the season with minimal disruptions. However, always put into consideration the seasonal temperature range in your region. For instance, if your area receives warmer springs, the demand for ACs and installation services may begin earlier than anticipated, so this might not be the ideal time.

2. In the Winter Months

When you buy your air conditioning unit during winter, you will take advantage of the off-season prices. The more you wait for summer, the higher the prices get. During winter, most HVAC companies mainly deal with heating systems. The demand for ACs is usually lower, so companies routinely offer great discounts to push sales. When an HVAC company comes to your home to fix your heating system, they can provide you with a bundle package for both the heating and cooling system at a favorable price. During winter, shopping for air conditioners will also give you enough time to go through reviews to avoid impulse purchases.

Note that you might not be able to strike a good installation deal during winter. HVAC technicians will have loads of work repairing and servicing heating systems. No rule states that you must buy and install the air conditioner unit simultaneously. So, you can buy the AC at a discounted price in winter then have it installed in spring. When you plan for installations later, the HVAC technician will have enough time to make custom recommendations for your home’s air conditioning needs.

3. Install Your AC in Fall

Fall can be the perfect time to buy and install a new air conditioner. Most manufacturers usually have a few ACs that didn’t sell out in summer. They, therefore, discount these units to encourage sales and create more room for new models. You will also find a competitive installation price since technicians have a lower demand.

When you install your AC during fall, you will have enough time to maintain it before the warm season begins. This will ensure that you enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures and low energy use throughout summer. You also have enough time to research and make a purchase based on facts rather than urgency. If you live in areas that experience mild winters, it’s good to install a new AC in the fall. You might need to use your AC in the winter if you live in such areas to reduce the humidity in your house.

4. When Constructing a Home

Regardless of the season, it’s a good idea to install a new air conditioning unit when building a house. Note that a single-story house might not have enough space to install a well-ducted AC if you wait until after it’s built. Even if you are lucky to have some space left, it will be costly to cut the wall or ceilings and install the ducts. So, the best way to install an AC is during the construction process. When constructing a new home, the installer can place the ductwork in places like between floors with minimal effects on your house design.

Consult an HVAC technician while planning your house. The technician will advise you on the best spots to install the air conditioning unit to maximize cooling. Unfortunately, if you can’t install your AC during the construction of your home, you can do it during house renovations. If you incorporate the air conditioning unit into your house design during construction or renovations, there will be fewer cuts later on the walls or ceiling. You will also enjoy balanced air delivery throughout the rooms and get the right size unit for your structure. This way, you will save on costs in the long run.

5. Once Your Unit Reaches 15 Years Old

No matter how well you take care of your AC, it will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. Most air conditioning units can last up to 15 years. So, if your AC is above 15 years, although it seems to work well, it’s time to replace it. An old AC is at higher risk of breaking down in the middle of summer. Such units work harder to maintain the desired indoor temperature, resulting in increased energy consumption. An old system also calls for frequent repairs. You will save a substantial amount by replacing your old AC with a new efficient model.

Get Professional AC Installation Services

Installing an AC in different seasons comes with some benefits and disadvantages that vary depending on your needs. However, avoid installing an AC during summer because many homeowners may be scheduled for repairs. The high demand increases AC installation costs, and you will experience longer waiting times. For these reasons, get your unit replaced early before extremely hot weather sets in. A new AC offers significant energy savings, promotes improved comfort, and indoor air quality. If you need help choosing and installing an air conditioning unit, get in touch with Hoff Heating & AC. We offer AC, furnace, indoor air quality, geothermal, and new construction services in O’Fallon, MO and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.