Seal Your Home, Pay Less In Energy Costs — It’s That Simple

June 7, 2012

When you seal your home, you reduce the amount of air coming inside and going out. Those leaks cost you money summer and winter because they make your HVAC equipment work harder. Sealing the leaks isn’t a difficult process once you know where they are. Find the Leaks You can conduct your own test with just a few common household items. First, draw a simple sketch of your home’s layout and close the windows and exterior doors. Extinguish any gas-burning appliances and turn on the exhaust fans. Walk through the house with lighted incense, covering the entire perimeter of your home, including the attic and basement. Note on the floor plan where the smoke wavers. The moving smoke indicates air coming inside. Typical places for air leaks include window frames, exterior doors, electrical outlets and switches, and places where the cables and pipes enter or leave. Seal the Leaks Seal exterior door leaks with fresh weather-stripping, available at home improvement stores. You can add a door sweep to the exterior doors to block drafts coming in or going out. These sweeps are available at home centers. If you need one, measure your door before going to help you buy the right...

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