Playing it cool: 7 ways to beat the heat

June 29, 2012

So the temps are skyrocketing, and you’re sweating buckets. Not exactly the plan you had for chilling out this summer. Not to worry: We’ve gathered seven tips to help you stay cool in the rising heat: 1. Drink plenty of water In summer, your body loses a maximum amount of water through perspiration. Replenish several times a day (drink at least 2 more glasses than usual), and add more juices and fruit—watermelon, grapefruit, pineapple, pears and citrus fruits are not only cooling, but contain high water content. 2. Slather on the sunblock Not only will it keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays and help to prevent sunburn, it will also keep you looking younger over time. Bonus: By keeping the burn at bay, your skin will stay cooler. Use an entire ounce (about the size of a golf ball) for optimum protection. 3. Lighten up Your plate, that is. Research shows heavy foods take longer to digest, interfering with the body’s cooling process. Think salads, sandwiches and soup broths…you’ll stay trim while gaining energy for outdoor activities. 4. Go with the flow Dressing in breezy, lightweight fabrics that offer plenty of movement—cotton, linen and gauze—are the best bet...

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